CD Collection

Record collection updated October 2023. The dates of bootlegs are mm/dd/yy.
ArtistTitleCountry & YearLabel & Catalog Number / CommentsFormat
AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1976)Austria 2003Epic EPC 510760 2. DigipackCD
AC/DCHigh Voltage (1976)Germany 1994ATCO 7567-92413-2CD
AC/DCLet There Be Rock (1977)GermanyATCO 7567-92445-2CD
AC/DCIf You Want Blood You've Got It (1978)GermanyATCO 7567-93447-2CD
AC/DCHighway to Hell (1979)CD
AC/DCBack in Black (1980)CD
AC/DCBonfireEurope 2003Epic 510774 2. 5CDBox
AC/DCThe BBC Tapes (London 1976 / 1980)ACBEB 7680CD(b)
ACCEPTRestless & Wild (1982)CD
ACCEPTHungry Years (1986)CD
AEROSMITHLive! Bootleg (1978)CD
ALCATRAZZLive Sentence (1984)CD
ALCATRAZZDisturbing the Peace (1985)CD
ALESTORMBlack Sails at MidnighGermany Promo 2009Napalm Records NPR NPR 290. Cardboard sleeveCD
AMBERMOONFacing the Storm2000CD
ANTHRAXI'm the ManUSA 1987Island Records / Megaforce Worldwide 7 90685-2CD EP
ANTHRAXSpreading the Disease (1985)USAIsland Records / Megaforce Worldwide A2 90480CD
ANTHRAXAmong the LivingUSA 1987Island Records / Megaforce Worldwide 7 90584-2 DIDX 1652CD
ANTHRAXState of EuphoriaUSA 1988Island Records / Megaforce Worldwide 7 91004-2CD
ANTHRAXPersistence of TimeUSA 1990Island Records / Megaforce Worldwide 422-846 480-2CD
ANTHRAXLive - The Island YearsFrance 1994Island Records IMCD 237 518 920-2. "Made in France by Universal M & L" on the run offCD
ANTHRAXWe've Come for You AllGermany 2003Nuclear Blast NB 699-5. Bonus CD (Summer 2003)2CD
APRIL WINEThe Whole World's Goin' Crazy (1976)CD
APRIL WINEHarder Faster (1980)CD
ASFALTOAsfalto (1978)Spain 1997BMG España / Chapa Discos 74321503632CD
ASFALTOAl Otro Lado (1978)SpainZafiroCD
ASFALTOAsfalto (1983)Spain 2002Zafiro 74321 933182CD
ASFALTOEl Planeta de los LocosSpain 1994Libélula Records CD189CD
ASTRAL DOORSCloudbreakerJapan 2003CD
ASTRAL DOORSEvil is Forever2005CD
ASTRAL DOORSRaiders of the Ark2005CD EP
ASTRAL DOORSNew RevelationSpain 2007Locomotive Records LM527CD
ATOMIC ROOSTERLive and Raw 70/712000CD
AYREONInto the Electric Castle20042CD
BAD COMPANYStraight Shooter1974CD
BAD COMPANYIn Concert - Merchants of Cool2002CD
BADFINDERWish You Were Here1974CD
BADLANDSVoodoo Highway1991CD
BADLANDSVoodoo HighwayJapan 1991Atlantic AMCY-259CD
BAKER GURVITZ ARMY, TheThe Baker Gurvitz Army (1974)CD
BAKER GURVITZ ARMY, TheElysian Encounter (1975)CD
BAKER GURVITZ ARMY, TheHearts on Fire (1976)CD
BANZAIBanzai (1983)CD
BARCLAY JAMES HAVERSTMocking Bird (The Best)2001CD
BARÓN ROJOLarga Vida al Rock and Roll (1981)Spain 2005Zafiro / BMG España 50612173CD
BARÓN ROJOVolumen Brutal (1982)Spain 2001Chapa Discos / Serdisco 74321 25998 2CD
BARÓN ROJOMetalmorfosis (1983)Spain 2003Zafiro / BMG España 50612341CD
BARÓN ROJOBarón al Rojo Vivo (1984)Spain 1994Zafiro / BMG España 501133042CD
BARÓN ROJOEn un Lugar de la Marcha (1985)Spain 1998Zafiro / BMG España 74321602142CD
BARÓN ROJOSiempre Estáis Allí (1986)Spain 1995Zafiro / Chapa Discos 74321300232CD
BARÓN ROJOTierra de Nadie (1987)Spain 1998Zafiro / BMG España 74321603352CD
BARÓN ROJOYou've Got Another Thing Coming. "Metal Gods" Un tributo a Judas PriestSpain Promo 2000Zero Records 071.2. Cardboard sleeveCD Single
BARÓN ROJO20+Spain 2001Zero Records 075.2CD
BARÓN ROJOBarón en AqualungSpain 2003Zero Records 093.22CD
BARÓN ROJOPerversionesSpain Promo 2003Zero Records ZE 124.2CD Single
BARÓN ROJOPerversionesSpain 2003Zero Records ZE 124.2. DigipackCD
BARÓN ROJOVolumen Brutal (Spanish + English Version)Spain 2005Sony BMG Music Entertainment 82876682702CD
BARÓN ROJOLas aventuras del Barón - 25 aniversario20062CD+DVD
BARRICADAPasión por el ruidoSpain 1989Mercury 838 295-2CD
BATTLESWORDFailing in Triumph2003CD
BLACK CROWES, TheThe Southern Harmony and Musical Companion1992CD
BLACK CROWES, TheAmorica1994CD
BLACK CROWES, TheThree Snakes and One Charm1996CD
BLACK CROWES, TheBy your side1998CD
BLACK OAK ARKANSASLive on the King Biscuit Flower Hour 1974CD
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTShadow of the Moon1997CD Single
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTShadow of the MoonJapan 1997BMG BVCP-6022 (74321-47859-2). DigipackCD
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTShadow of the Moon1997CD
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTUnder the Violet Moon1999CD
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTThe Times They Are a Changin'2001CD Single
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTFires at Midnight2001CD
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTFires at Midnight (Limited Edition)2001CD
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTHome Again2002CD Single
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTPast Time With Good Company20022CD
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTGhost of a Rose2003CD
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTBeyond the Sunset2004CD+DVD
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTChristmas Songs2004CD Single
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTSecret VoyageGermany 2008SPV 91782. DigipackCD
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTSecret Play (Granada 12/10/97)CD(b)
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTAt Hotel Saray 1997 (Granada 12/10/97)Power Gate-164CD-R(b)
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTBlack Night in Germany (Stuttgart 12/13/97)2CD(b)
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTBerlin Night (Berlin 12/17/97)2CD(b)
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTLive in Athens 1998 (Athens 09/22/98)2CD(b)
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTMinstrel Castle (Riedenburg-Obereggersberg 09/28/98)2CD(b)
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTSelf Portrait (Haslach 10/03/98)2CD(b)
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTRitchie Spice or Candice Spice? (Olseberg 10/04/98)2CD(b)
BLACKMORE'S NIGHTNo Electric Night (Lübeck 10/05/98)2CD(b)
BLACKMORE, RITCHIESolo (Paris 1972 & Boston 1981)LOBSTER CD 030CD(b)
BLACKMORE, RITCHIEBy Request INightlife N-053CD(b)
BLACKMORE, RITCHIEBy Request IINightlife N-054CD(b)
BLIND GUARDIANMirror, MirrorJapan Promo 1998Victor VICP-60213CD Single
BLIND GUARDIANMirror, MirrorJapan 1998Victor VICP-60213CD Single
BLIND GUARDIANAnd Then There Was Silence2001CD Single
BLIND GUARDIANSomewhere Far Beyond1992CD
BLIND GUARDIANThe Forgotten Tales1996CD
BLIND GUARDIANNightFall in Middle Earth1998CD
BLIND GUARDIANNightFall in Middle EarthJapan 1998Victor VICP-60295CD
BLIND GUARDIANA Night at the Opera2002CD
BLOODROCKBloodrock (1970)Germany 1995Repertoire Records REP 4534-WYCD
BLOQUEBloque (1978)Spain 2002Zafiro / BMG 74321 933202CD
BLOQUEEl hijo del Alba (1980)Spain 1994Chapa Discos 74321 25997 2CD
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTBlue Öyster Cult (1972)Austria 2001Columbia/Legacy 502234 2CD
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTTyranny and Mutation (1973)Austria 2001Columbia/Legacy 502235 2CD
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTSecret Treaties (1974)Austria 2001Columbia/Legacy 502236 2CD
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTFire Of Unknown Origin (1981)USAColumbia CK 37389CD
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTImaginosEurope 1988CBS 460036 2CD
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTCareer of EvilUSA 1988Columbia CK 44300CD
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTBad Channels - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackUK 1999Angel Air Records SJPCD046CD
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTHeaven ForbidGermany 1998Steamhammer SPV 085-18932 CDCD
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTLive In NY/'72Spain 2000Munster Records MRCD 168CD
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTCurse of the Hidden MirrorUK 2001Sanctuary SANCD 089CD
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTTales of the Phychic WarsUK 2001Burning Airlines Pilot 1282CD
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTEarly Daze: Detroit 1973 (Detroit 02/07/73)White Spyder Records WSCD 2001-036CD(b)
BLUE ÖYSTER CULTDead of Winter (Uniondale-Nassau 02/04/77)White Spyder Records WSCD 2001-035CD(b)
BOLIN, TOMMY & FriendsLive At Ebbets Field 19741996CD
BON SCOTT (Fraternity)LiveStock (1971)UK 1998 VSOP CD 261CD
BOSTONThird Stage (1986)CD
BRUCE DICKINSONBring your daughter to the slaughter - A Nightmare on Elm Street 5USA Promo 1989BMG 1261-2-DJCD Single
BRUCE DICKINSONAlive in Studio A / Alive at the Marquee ClubUK 1995Essential! Records ESDCD 7642CD
CANDLEMASSNightfall (1987)2CD
CANDLEMASSTales of Creation (1989)2CD
CANDLEMASSDactyllis Glomerata1998CD
CANDLEMASSFrom the 13th Sun1999CD
CAPTAIN BEYONDCaptain Beyond (1972)CD
CINDERELLANight Songs (1986)CD
CLASS, TheLondon Calling (1979)CD
COAL CHAMBERShock the Monkey (Single)1999CD
COLLOSEUM IIReading Rock '76 (Reading 08/28/76)CD+DVD(b)
COMPANY OF SNAKES, TheHere They Go Again20012CD
COMPANY OF SNAKES, TheBurst The Bubble2002CD
COVERDALE, DAVIDWhitesnake (1977)CD
COVERDALE, DAVIDLove is BlindUK Promo 2000EMI CDEMDJ574. Cardboard sleeveCD Single
COVERDALE, DAVIDInto the Light2000CD
COVERDALE & PAGECoverdale & Page1993CD
CRADLE OF FILTHNymphetamineEurope 2004Roadrunner Records RR 8282-2CD
CREEDMy Own Prison1999CD
CREEDHuman Clay2000CD
CRYPTIC CARNAGERetrospect 20001999CD
CULT, TheBeyond Good And Evil2001CD
DAMN YANKEESDamn Yankees1990CD
DARKRound the Edges (1972)CD
DARK AVENGERDark Avenger2000CD
DARK MOORThe Gates of Oblivion2002CD
DEREK AND THE DOMINOSLive at the Fillmore (1970)2CD
DIAMOND HEADBehold The Beginning1991CD
DISTURBEDThe Sickness2000CD
DOKKENBeast From The East (1988)CD
DOMINIUMMohocks Club2003CD
DOORS, TheWaiting for the Sun (1968)CD
DOORS, TheL.A. Woman (1971)CD
DREAM EVILDragonslayer2002CD
DREAM THEATERLive at the Marquee1993CD
DREAM THEATERFalling Into Infinity1997CD
DREAM THEATEROnce in a Live Time1998CD
DREAM THEATERTrain of Thought2004CD
EDGUYVain Glory Opera1998CD
EDGUYTheater of Salvation1999CD
EDGUYThe Savage Poetry2000CD
EDGUYBurning Down the Opera - Live20032CD
EDGUYKing of Fools2004CD EP
EDGUYHellfire Club2004CD
ELFElf (1972)USA 2008Epic EK 31789CD
ELFCarolina County Ball (1974) & Trying to Burn the Sun (1975)CD
ERIC CLAPTONJust one Night (1980)CD
ESTRAGOCabeza LocaSpain 2004Pies Records CDP1037CD
ESTRAGOHadas y princesasSpain 2005Pies Records PI.046. DigipackCD
EVANESCENCEFallenEurope 2003Epic 5108792000CD
EVANESCENCEAnywhere but HomeEurope 2004Wind-Up WIN 519207 3 / Epic 5192073000CD+DVD
EVERLASTEat at White's2000CD
EXODUSPleasures of the Flesh1987CD
EXTRECHINATO y TÚA la Sombra de mi SombraSpain Promo 2001DRO PR02537CD Single
EXTRECHINATO y TÚPoesía BásicaGermany 2001DRO East West 857388356 2CD
EXTREMODUROSalirSpain Promo 1998DRO PR01038CD Single
EXTREMODUROA FuegoSpain Promo 2002DRO PR03048CD Single
EXTREMODURONo me calientes que me hundoSpain Promo 2004DRO DEW 0189CD Single
EXTREMODURORock Transgresivo (1989)Germany 1994DRO 4509-97167-2CD
EXTREMODUROAgilaGermany 1996DRO East West 0630-14028-2CD
EXTREMODUROIros todos a tomar por culoGermany 1997DRO East West 0630 18785 2CD
EXTREMODUROYo Minoría absolutaGermany 2002DRO East West 0927445572CD
FAITH NO MOREA small VictoryEurope 1992Slash 869 823-2 (LASCD 39)CD Single
FAITH NO MOREEverything's RuinedEurope 1992Slash / London Records LACDP 43, 869 969-2CD Single
FAITH NO MOREAshes to Ashes (Radio Edit)Europe 1997Slash 850 905-2 (LASCD 61). Gold Cardboard sleeveCD Single
FAITH NO MOREAshes to AshesUE 1997Slash 850 907-2 (LACDP 61). Red Cardboard sleeveCD Single
FAITH NO MOREThe Real ThingGermany 1989Slash / London Records 828 154-2CD
FAITH NO MOREAngel DustGermany 1992Slash / London Records 3984 28200 2CD
FAITH NO MOREWar Pigs (Live Europe 92 & USA 90)CD(b)
FAITH NO MOREEvidence (Live Europe 92; 95 and Arizona 93)CD(b)
FAIRYLANDScore to a new BeninningGermany Promo 2009Napalm Records NPR NPR 273. Cardboard sleeveCD
FEINSTEINThird WishGermany 2003Steamhammer SPV 085-69472 CDCD
FITO & FITIPALDISA puerta cerrada1998CD
FITO & FITIPALDISLos sueños locos2001CD
FITO & FITIPALDISLo más lejos a tu lado2003CD+DVD
FLAMIN GROOVIESTeenage Head (1971)CD
FLOWER KINGS, TheThe Rainmaker20012CD
FREEHighway (1970)CD
FREEFire and Water (1970)CD
FREEDOMIs More than a Word (1972)CD
GARY MOOREStill Got The Blues1990CD
GATHERING, TheDownfall - The Early Years (1991)2001CD
GATHERING, TheMandylion1995CD
GATHERING, TheNightTime Birds1997CD
GATHERING, TheHow to Measure a Planet?19982CD
GATHERING, TheIf_then_else2000CD
GATHERING, TheRoller Coaster2000CD Single
GATHERING, TheAmity2001CD Single
GLENN HUGHESDifferent Stages20022CD
GLENN HUGHESSongs in the Key of Rock2003CD
GRAHAM BONNETThe Day I went MadEU 2001Escape Music ESM 070CD
GRAND FUNKWe're an American Band (1973)CD
GROUNDHOGS, TheBoogie With Us2000CD
GROUNDHOGS, TheLive at Leeds '712002CD
GUNS N' ROSESAppetite For Destruction1987CD
GUNS N' ROSESYou Could be Mine / Civil WarJapan 1991MCA Victor MVDG-35" CD Single
GUNS N' ROSESSympathy for the Devil / Escape to ParisJapan 1994MCA Victor MVCG-10001 (GEFDM 21967)CD Single
GUNS N' ROSESHell's Breakin' Loose (Tokyo 08/12/88; Washington 06/91)2CD(b)
HAWKWINDHawkwind (1970)CD
HEAVEN & HELLLive From Radio City Music HallGermany 2007Rhino SPV 98102 2CD2CD
HEAVEN & HELLLive From Radio City Music Hall - Deluxe EditionUSA 2007Rhino Hand Made R2 277564. 2CD+DVD. Wooden BoxBox
HEAVEN & HELLNeon Nights - 30 Years of Heaven And Hell Live at WackenJapan 2010Armoury Records / Ward Records VQCD-10207. Carboard sleeveSHM-CD
HEAVEN & HELLSabbath in Loud Park (Osaka 10/23/2007)Tarantura TCDHH-2Cardboard sleeve CD(b)
HEAVEN & HELLLive at Clarkston (Clarkston 08/18/2008)Tarantura TCDHH-1Cardboard sleeve CD(b)
HELLOWEENKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part II1988CD
HELLOWEENPink Bubbes Go ApeUK 1991Essential! Records ESM CD 411 GAS 0000411 ESMCD
HELLOWEENJudasJapan 1991Noise Victor VICP-15009CD
HELLOWEENKeeper of the Seven Keys Part I (1987)Japan 1994Victor VICP-5456. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
HELLOWEENKeeper of the Seven Keys Part II (1988)Japan 1994Victor VICP-5457. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
HELLOWEENKeeper of the Seven Keys Part I (1987)Japan 1999Victor VICP-60831CD
HELLOWEENKeeper of the Seven Keys Part II (1988)Japan 1999Victor VICP-60832CD
HELLOWEENPowerJapan 1996Victor VICP-15057CD Single
HOT TUNAThe Phosphorescent Rat (1973)CD
HOUSE OF LORDSLive in the U.K.Italy 2007Frontiers Records FR CD 320CD
HUGHES TURNER PROJECTLive in TokyoEU 2002MTM Music 0681-59CD
IAN GILLAN BANDLive Yubin Chokin Hall Hiroshima 1977Austria 2001Angel Air SJPCD076CD
IAN GILLAN, TONY IOMMI & FRIENDSWho Cares (Out of my Mind / Holy Water)EU 2011Armoury Records ARM250612CD
ICED EARTHAlive in AthensGermany 1999Century Media 77275-2. 3CD slipcasesBox
IN FLAMESLunar Strain - SubterraneanCD
IOMMIIommiEU 2000Divine Recordings / Prority Records 7243 5 27857 2 8 CDPTY 207CD
IOMMI with Glenn HughesThe 1996 DEP SessionsEU 2004Mayan Records /Sanctuary MYNCD030CD
JANIS JOPLINBig Brother and The Holding Company (1967)CD
JANIS JOPLINI Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! (1969)Europe 1999Columbia / Legacy 492864 2CD
JANIS JOPLINIn Concert (1972)SpainCBS / Sony 466838 2CD
JANIS JOPLINEarly Performances (1975)EuropeCBS / Sony 467406 22CD
JANIS JOPLINThe Anthology (1980)EuropeColumbia COL 467405 92CD
JANIS JOPLINAbsolute JanisSpain 1997Columbia / Sony Music Special Marketing COL 487831 2CD
JANIS JOPLINLive at Winterland 68Europe 1998Columbia / Legacy COL 485150 2CD
JEFF SCOTT SOTOLost in the Translation2004CD
JEFFERSON AIRPLANEThrough the Looking Glass - Live in Concert2000CD
JETHRO TULLThis Was (1968)EU 2001Chrysalis 7243 5 35459 2 5CD
JETHRO TULLStand Up (1969)Italy 1989?Chrysalis CDP 32 1042-2CD
JETHRO TULLBenefit (1970)UK 2001Chrysalis 7243 5 35457 2 7CD
JETHRO TULLLiving in the Past (1972)UK 1989?Chrysalis CDP32 1575-2CD
JETHRO TULLThick as a Brick (1972)USA 1998Chrysalis 7243 4 95400 2 6CD
JETHRO TULLA Passion Play (1973)UK 1989?Chrysalis CDP32 1040-2CD
JETHRO TULLWar Child (1974)UK 1989?Chrysalis CDP32 1067-2CD
JETHRO TULLMinstrel in the Gallery (1975)UK 1989?Chrysalis CDP32 1082-2CD
JETHRO TULLSongs from the Wood (1977)UK 1989?Chrysalis CDP32 1132-2CD
JETHRO TULLHeavy Horses (1978)UK 1989?Chrysalis CDP32 1175-2CD
JETHRO TULLBursting Out (1978)UK 1989?Chrysalis CDP 32 1201-22CD
JETHRO TULLNightCapUSA 1993Chrysalis 7243 8 28157 2 32CD
JETHRO TULLAqualung / M.U. The Best Of Jethro TullSpain 1998Chrysalis 7243 4 94862 2 52CD Box
JETHRO TULLNothing is Easy: Live at the Isle of Wight 1970Germany 2004Eagle Records EAGCD2812CD
JETHRO TULLGold Tripped BootsCD(b)
JETHRO TULLFlute Cake (Stockholm 01/09/69)CD(b)
JETHRO TULLBack to the Family (Stockholm 01/09/69)CD(b)
JETHRO TULLNothing is Easy (Stockholm 01/09/69)CD(b)
JETHRO TULLBlues From Chicago (Chicago 01/16/70)CD(b)
JETHRO TULLBy Benefit Of Wight (Isle of Wight 08/30/70)CD(b)
JETHRO TULLWind Up in Dallas (Dallas 07/02/71)CD(b)
JETHRO TULLComplete Performance 1972 (Tokyo 07/19/72)3CD(b)
JETHRO TULLA Passion Play (Europe 1973)CD(b)
JETHRO TULLA Passionate Play (Seattle 07/27/73)2CD(b)
JETHRO TULLThick as a Stage (Tokyo 08/28/74)2CD(b)
JETHRO TULLDay's of Giving (Los Angeles 08/15/76)2CD(b)
JETHRO TULLLos Angeles 1976 (Los Angeles 08/15/76)2CD(b)
JETHRO TULLLive in a Hostile Area (Melbourne Sept/77)CD(b)
JIM STEINMANBad for Good (1981)USA 1992Epic / Cleveland International Records EK 36531CD
JIMI HENDRIXThe Ultimate Experience1992CD
JIMI HENDRIXFirst Days of the New Rising Sun1997CD
JIMMY PAGE & ROBERT PLANTWalking Into ClarksdaleGermany 1998Mercury 558 025-2CD
JORGE CALVOTres Cantigas para un ReySpain 2002Vaso Music VM076CD
JORNLonely are the BraveSweden 2008Blistering Records BR005CD
JUDAS PRIESTRocka Rolla (1974)UK 1998Snapper Music SMMCD 561CD
JUDAS PRIESTSin After Sin (1977)UK 2001Columbia 502127 2. The Re-Masters. Silver logoCD
JUDAS PRIESTBritish Steel (1980)UK 2001Columbia 502131 2. The Re-Masters. Hype StickerCD
JUDAS PRIESTTurbo (1986)UK 2001Columbia 502135 2. The Re-Masters. Silver border. Hype stickerCD
JUDAS PRIESTSin After Sin (1977)Japan 2005Sony Music MHCP 664. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
JUDAS PRIESTStained Class (1978)Japan 2005Sony Music MHCP 665. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
JUDAS PRIESTKilling Machine (1978)Japan 2005Sony Music MHCP 666. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
JUDAS PRIESTUnleashed in the East (1979)Japan 2005Sony Music MHCP 667~8. Vinyl Replica Cover2CD
JUDAS PRIESTBritish Steel (1980)Japan 2005Sony Music MHCP 669. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
JUDAS PRIESTPoint of Entry (1981)Japan 2005Sony Music MHCP 670. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
JUDAS PRIESTScreaming for Vengeance (1982)Japan 2005Sony Music MHCP 671. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
JUDAS PRIESTDefenders of the Faith (1984)Japan 2005Sony Music MHCP 672. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
JUDAS PRIESTTurbo (1986)Japan 2005Sony Music MHCP 673. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
JUDAS PRIESTPriest... live! (1987)Japan 2005Sony Music MHCP 674~5. Vinyl Replica Cover2CD
JUDAS PRIESTRam it Down (1988)Japan 2005Sony Music MHCP 676. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
JUDAS PRIESTPainkiller (1990)Japan 2005Sony Music MHCP 677. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
JUDAS PRIESTMetal Works 73 -93 (1993)Japan 2005Sony Music MHCP 678~9. Vinyl Replica Cover2CD
JUDAS PRIESTThe Re-MastersJapan Promo 2005Sony Music. Promo box for Vinyl Replica CDBox
JUDAS PRIESTNostradamus - Limited Deluxe EditionEU 2008Sony 88697315582. 2CD BoxBox
JUDAS PRIESTSingle CutsEU 2011Sony 88697939612. CD Box #1991Box
JUDAS PRIESTThe Complete Albums CollectionUSA 2011Sony 88697967872. 17 CD BoxBox
JUDAS PRIESTBritish Steel - 30th Anniversary EditionJapan 2010Sony SICP 2674~5CD+DVD
JUDAS PRIESTScreaming from Vengeance - 30th Anniversary EditionJapan 2012Sony SICP 3592~3CD+DVD
JUDAS PRIESTDefenders of the Faith - 30th Anniversary EditionJapan 2015Sony SICP 4388~93CD
KANSASLeftOverture (1976)CD
KANSASPoint of Known Return (1977)CD
KERRY LIVGRENSeeds of Change (1980)USA 1996Renaissance Records / Sony Music Special Products RMED00112CD
KERRY LIVGRENDecadeCanada / USA 1992 Sparrow Records SPD 13202CD
KISSKiss (1974)USACasablanca 824 146-2 M-1CD
KISSHotter Than Hell (1974)USACasablanca 824 147-2 M-1CD
KISSDestroyer (1976)GermanyCasablanca 824 149-2 Y-1CD
KISSLove Gun (1977)GermanyCasablanca 824 151-2 M-1CD
KISSDouble Platinum (1978)ArgentinaCasablanca 824 155-2CD
KISSDynasty (1979)ArgentinaCasablanca 812 770-2CD
KISSThe Elder (1981)Europe 1997Mercury 532 390-2CD
KISSCreatures of the Night (1982)Europe 1997Mercury 532 391-2CD
KISSCarnival of Souls - The Final SessionsUSA 1997Mercury 314 536 323-2CD
KISSPsycho CircusEurope 1998Mercury 558 992-2CD
KISSKiss (1974)Japan 1997Mercury PHCR-3052. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSHotter than Hell (1974)Japan 1997Mercury PHCR-3053. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSDressed to Kill (1975)Japan 1997Mercury PHCR-3054. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSAlive (1975)Japan 1997Mercury PHCR-10003/4. Vinyl Replica Cover2CD
KISSDestroyer (1976)Japan 1997Mercury PHCR-3055. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSRock and Roll Over (1976)Japan 1997Mercury PHCR-3056. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSLove Gun (1977)Japan 1997Mercury PHCR-3057. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSAlive II (1977)Japan 1997Mercury PHCR-10005/6. Vinyl Replica Cover2CD
KISSDynasty (1979)Japan 1997Mercury PHCR-3058. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSDouble Platinum (1978)Japan 1997Mercury PHCR-3059. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSKiss (1974)Japan 2006Mercury UICY-93090. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSHotter than Hell (1974)Japan 2006Mercury UICY-93091. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSDressed to Kill (1975)Japan 2006Mercury UICY-93092. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSAlive (1975)Japan 2006Mercury UICY-93093/4. Vinyl Replica Cover2CD
KISSDestroyer (1976)Japan 2006Mercury UICY-93095. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSRock and Roll Over (1976)Japan 2006Mercury UICY-93096. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSLove Gun (1977)Japan 2006Mercury UICY-93097. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSAlive II (1977)Japan 2006Mercury UICY-93098/9. Vinyl Replica Cover2CD
KISSDouble Platinum (1978)Japan 2006Mercury UICY-93100. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSDynasty (1979)Japan 2006Mercury UICY-93101. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
KISSUnmasked (1980)Japan 2008Universal UICY-93522. Vinyl Replica CoverSHM-CD
KISSMusic From "The Elder" (1981)Japan 2008Universal UICY-93523. Vinyl Replica CoverSHM-CD
KISSCreatures of The Night (1982)Japan 2008Universal UICY-93524. Vinyl Replica CoverSHM-CD
KISSLick It Up (1983)Japan 2008Universal UICY-93525. Vinyl Replica CoverSHM-CD
KISSAnimalize (1984)Japan 2008Universal UICY-93526. Vinyl Replica CoverSHM-CD
KISSAsylum (1985)Japan 2008Universal UICY-93527. Vinyl Replica CoverSHM-CD
KISSCrazy Nights (1987)Japan 2008Universal UICY-93528. Vinyl Replica CoverSHM-CD
KISSPaul Stanley (1978)Japan 2008Universal UICY-93529. Vinyl Replica CoverSHM-CD
KISSGene Simmons (1978)Japan 2008Universal UICY-93530. Vinyl Replica CoverSHM-CD
KISSAce Frehley (1978)Japan 2008Universal UICY-93531. Vinyl Replica CoverSHM-CD
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KISSNew Zealand 1980CD(b)
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LELE LAINA / JOSE L. JIMENEZCanciones Básicas Alfalto + Topo2004CD
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LONEWOLFMarch into the Arena2002CD
LORIENSecrets of the Elder2002CD
LOS SUAVESMalas NoticiasSpain 1993Polydor 517944-2CD
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MAGNUMDays of Wonder (Birmingham 1976)CD(b)
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MANOWARDeath to All; Pace at Last (Stuttgart 10/15/1992)CD(b)
MANOWARMystery in the North (Umea 1999)Power Rec.024Digipack CD(b)
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MC5Kick Out the Jams (1969)CD
MC5Back in the USA (1970)CD
MC5High Time (1971)CD
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MEGADETHA Tout Le MondeEurope 1995Capitol Records C2 7243 8 82002 2 6CD
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MEGADETHRude AwakeningUK 2002Metal-is Records / Sanctuary MISDD019CD
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MEGADETHThe System has FailedJapan 2004AVALON MICP-10475CD
MESSAGEOutside Looking In2000CD
MESMERIZEVultures Paradise20002CD
METALLICAOneUSA 1988Elektra 65920-2 *CD Single
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METALLICANothing Else MattersJapan 1991Sony SRDS 82253" CD Single
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METALLICASad But TrueHolland 1992Vertigo 864 411-2CD Single
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METALLICAUntil it Sleeps Part 1EU 1996Vertigo 578 145-2CD Single
METALLICAUntil it Sleeps Part 2EU 1996Vertigo 578 135-2CD Single
METALLICAHero of the DayUSA 1996Elektra 64248-2CD Single
METALLICAHero of the DayJapan 1996Sony Records SRCS 8135CD Single
METALLICAThe Unforgiven II CD 1Australia 1998Vertigo 3145685512CD Single
METALLICAThe Memory RemainsEU 1997Vertigo 568 271-2CD Single
METALLICATurn the PageJapan 1998SME Records SRCS 8880CD Single
METALLICATurn the PageUK 1998Vertigo 566 961-2CD Single
METALLICADie, Die my DarlingEU 1999Vertigo 562 153-2CD Single
METALLICAThe Unamed FeelingEU 2004Vertigo 9815881CD EP
METALLICASome Kind of MonsterUSA 2004Elektra 48838-2CD EP
METALLICA...And Justice for AllEU 1988Vertigo 836062-2CD
METALLICA...And Justice for AllJapan 1988SONY/CBS 25DP 517CD
METALLICAKill'em All (1983)EU 1989Vertigo 838 142-2CD
METALLICARide the Lightning (1984)EU 1989Vertigo 838 140-2CD
METALLICAMaster of Puppets (1986)EU 1989Vertigo 838 141-2CD
METALLICAMetallicaEU 1991Vertigo 510 022-2CD
METALLICALoadEU 1996Vertigo 532 618-2CD
METALLICAReLoadEU 1997Vertigo 536 409-2CD
METALLICAGarage Inc.EU 1998Vertigo 538 351-22CD
METALLICAS&MEU 1999Vertigo 546 707-22CD
METALLICALive Sh*t: Binge & PungeUSA 2002Elektra 62842-23CD+2DVD
METALLICASt. AngerEU 2003Vertigo 0602498653272CD+DVD
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METALLICARide the Lightning (1984)Japan 2006Universal Records UICR 1053. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
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METALLICALoad (1996)Japan 2006Universal Records UICR 1057. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
METALLICAReload (1996)Japan 2006Universal Records UICR 1058. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
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METALLICAGarage Inc. (1998)Japan 2006Universal Records UICR 1060/1. Vinyl Replica Cover2CD
METALLICAS&M (1999)Japan 2006Universal Records UICR 1062/3. Vinyl Replica Cover2CD
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METALLICAWin Lose or Draw (Stockholm 12/12/84)CD(b)
METALLICAThe Heaviest Nights of their Live (London 12/20/8 ; San Francisco 10/18/82)CD(b)
METALLICABlacken'em All (Nagoya 03/23/93)2CD(b)
METALLICALoad on the Road (Utrech 11/12/96 + Extras)2CD(b)
METALLICAMetallicagazoline (03/21/98)CD(b)
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MONTROSEMontroseUSAWarner Bros. Records 3106-2CD
MOONSPELLDarkness and Hope2001CD
MOTHER LOVE BONEMother Love Bone19922CD
MOTÖRHEADNo sleep 'til Hammersmith (20th anniversary Edition)UK 2001Metal-is Records MISDD0032CD
MOTÖRHEADInfernoGermany 2004Steamhammer SPV 087-69740. DigipackCD+DVD
MOTT THE HOOPLERock'N'Roll Circus - Live2000CD
MOUNTAINLive - The Road Goes Ever On (1972)CD
NIGHTWISHNemoGermany 2004Nuclear Blast 27361 12902CD Single
NIGHTWISHWish I Had An AngelGermany 2004Nuclear Blast NB 1336-2, 27361 13362CD Single
NIGHTWISHOnceGermany 2004Nuclear Blast NB 1291-2, 27361 12912CD
NIGHTWISHDark Passion PlayUSA 2007Roadrunner 1686-1797022CD
NO DOUBTTragic KingdomArgentina 1995MCA INTD 92580CD
ÑUCuentos de Ayer y de Hoy (1978)CD
ÑULa Danza de las Mil TierrasSpain 1999CD
ÑULa Noche del JuglarSpain 1999A La Caza De Ñu Producciones ÑU 016 CDCD
ÑURequiemSpain 2002PIES CDPI024CD
OBÚSVamos muy bien - 30 Grandes ImpactosSpain 2006SONY BMG Music Entertainment 886970061022CD+DVD
OCEAN COLOUR SCENEOne From the Modern1999CD
ORDEAL, TheKings of Pain2004CD
PAICE, ASHTON, LORDMalice in Wonderland (Special Edition) (1976)CD
PANTERACowboys From Hell1990CD
PANZERSálvese quien pueda (1983)Spain 2002Zafiro 74321 933422CD
PANZERToca Madera (1985)Spain 2002Zafiro 74321 933432CD
PANZERSábado Negro (1987)Spain 2002Foque – FCD-028CD
PEARL JAMJeremy1992CD Single
PEARL JAMLive on Two Legs1998CD
PEARL JAMBinauralEurope 2000Epic 4945902000. Tri-Fold DigipackCD
PEARL JAMLas Vegas20002CD
PEARL JAMEurope '932CD(b)
PINK FLOYDWish You Were Here1975CD
PINK FLOYDA Momentary Lapse of Reason1987CD
PINK FLOYDDelicate Sound of Thunder19882CD
PRAYING MANTISNowhere to Hide2000CD
QUEENLive Killers (1979)2CD
QUEENSRŸCHEQueenscÿche (1984)EuropeCapitol Records CDP-746557-2CD EP
QUEENSRŸCHERage for Order (1986)UK 1987EMI America CDP 7 46330 2CD
QUEENSRŸCHEOperation: MidcrimeUK 1988EMI-Manhattan Records CDP-7-48640-2CD
QUEENSRŸCHEEmpireUK 1990EMI USA CDP 79 5069 2 / CDMTL 1058CD
QUEENSRŸCHEI Am INetherlands Promo 1994EMI CDSP 100CD Single
QUEENSRŸCHEHear in the Now FrontierUK 1997EMI 7243 8 56141 2 5 / CDEMC 3764CD
QUEENSRŸCHEQ2KGermany 1999Atlantic 7567-83225-2CD
QUEENSRŸCHELive EvolutionUK 2001Metal-is Records MISDD0162CD
QUEENSRŸCHEOperation: Midcrime IIEurope 2006Rhino Records 8122 73306 2CD
QUEENSRŸCHELive from the New Frontier (New Mexico 07/04/97)BONDAGE MUSIC BON130CD(b)
QUIET RIOTMetal Health (1983)Austria 2001Portrait/Epic/Legacy 504490 2CD
QUIET RIOTAlive and Well1999CD
QUIREBOYSLost in Space2000CD
R.E.O. SPEEDWAGONRidin' the Storm Out (1973)CD
R.E.O. SPEEDWAGONHi Infidelity (1980)CD
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINERage Against the Machine1992CD
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINEBulls on ParadePromo 1996CD Single
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINEPeople of the SunPromo 1996CD Single
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINEThe Battle of Los Angeles1999CD
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINELive at the Grand Olympic Auditorium2003CD
RAGING SLABRaging Slab1990CD
RAGING SLAB(Pronounced Eat-Shit)2002CD
RAM JAMThe Very Best OfCanada 1990Columbia / EPIC CK 91415CD
RATA BLANCAGuerrero del Arco Iris (1992)Mexico 1999Polydor CDEPM 1456 / 511 819-2CD
RATA BLANCAGrandes CancionesSpain 2001Mercury / Tocka Discos 00440013951232CD
RATA BLANCAEl Camino del FuegoSpain 2002Avispa ACD-058CD
RATA BLANCAHighway On FireArgentina 2002NEMS Enterprises NEMS 295CD Single
RATA BLANCALa Llave de la Puerta SecretaArgentina 2005Tocka Discos / Pelo Music 7243477537 2 5. DigipackCD
RATA BLANCACiudad de Cáceres En Vivo 30/4/93CD(b)
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERSCalifornication1999CD
RIOTThunderSteelJapan 1988CBS / Sony 25DP 5080CD
RIOTRock City (1978)Japan 1989CBS / Sony CSCS 5022CD
RIOTNarita (1979)Japan 1989CBS / Sony CSCS 5023CD
RIOTRiot Live (1982)Japan 1989CBS / Sony CSCS 5024CD
RIOTBorn in America (1983)Japan 1989CBS / Sony CSCS 5025CD
RIOTFire Down Under (1981)Japan 1999Victor VICP-60693CD
RIOTFire Down Under (1981)USA 1999Metal Blade Records 3984-14233-2CD
RIOTShine OnGermany 1998Metal Blade Records 3984-14182-2CD
ROB ZOMBIEThe Sinister UrgeEU 2001Geffen Records 493 147-2CD
ROBERT PLANTNow and ZenUSA 1988Es Paranza Records 7 90863-2CD
ROGER GLOVER AND FRIENDS / WIZARD'S CONVENTIONThe Butterfly Ball and Wizard's ConventionUK 1989Connoisseur Collection VSOP CD 139CD
ROGER GLOVER AND FRIENDSThe Butterfly BallJapan 2004Vap VPCK-85334. Vinyl Replica CoverCD
ROLLING STONES, TheThe Great LicksCD(b)
RONDINELLIOur Cross Our SinsGermany 2002MTM Music 0681-56CD
RONNIE JAMES DIOThe Elf AlbumsEU 1991Connoisseur Collection VSOP CD 167CD
RORY GALLAGHERBlueprint (1973)EU 2000Capo CAPO 104 / RCA 74321 601042CD
RORY GALLAGHERIrish Tour (1974)EU 1998Capo CAPO 106 / RCA 74321 601062CD
RUNNING WILDPile of Skulls (1992)1999Noise Records N 0322-2CD
RUNNING WILDThe BrotherhoodGermany 2002GUN GUN 194 / BMG 74321 91200 2CD
RUSHAll the World's a Stage (1976)Europe / UK 1997Mercury / Anthem 534 627-2CD
RUSHExit... Stage Left (1981)Europe / UK 1997Mercury / Anthem 534 632-2CD
RUSHExit... Stage Left (1981)Argentina534632-2CD
RUSHRoll the BonesGermany 1991Atlantic / Anthem 7567-82293-2CD
RUSHSnakes & ArrowsArgentina 20077567-89986-8CD
SABBATHistory of a Time to Come (1988)Germany 2000Noise Records N 0099-2CD
SAMSONShock Tactics (1981)UK 2000Air Raid Records AIRCD8CD
SANTANo hay piedad para los condenados (1985)CD
SARATOGAEl Clan de la LuchaSpain 2004CD
SHERPAGuerrero en el DesiertoSpain 2004JaJa! / Buckaroo JA! 003CD
SILVERChildren of the LordReleased in 1975CD(b)
SINKOPE... y Evoluciona el Hombre (Salvajes Civilizados)Spain 2003Pies Records CDP1029CD
SINKOPEHumo de ContrabandoSpain 2004Pies Records CD.PI.039CD
SKID ROWSkid RowGermany 1989Atlantic 7567-81936-2CD
SKINTrashed Radio EditEU Promo 2003EMI CDEMDJ622. Cardboard sleeveCD Single
SKINLostEU 2003EMI CDSP 624. Cardboard sleeveCD Single
SKINFaithfulnessEU 2003EMI 07243-553013-2-1 (CDEM624)CD Single
SKINFaithfulness Adrian Bushby MixEU Promo 2003EMI CDEMDJ624. Cardboard sleeveCD Single
SKINFleshwoundsEU 2003EMI 0724358425024CD
SKUNK ANANSIESelling JesusUK 1995One Little Indian Records 101TP7CDCD Single
SKUNK ANANSIEI Can DreamUSA Promo 1995One Little Indian Records/EPIC ESK7639CD Single
SKUNK ANANSIEWeakHolland 1995Virgin 724389335927CD Single
SKUNK ANANSIECharity CD1EU 1996One Little Indian Records 151TP7CDCD Single
SKUNK ANANSIECharityHolland 1996Virgin 7243 893277 2 4CD Single
SKUNK ANANSIECharityEU 1996Virgin 7243 893660 2 0CD Single
SKUNK ANANSIEAll I Want CD1 + CD2UK 1996One Little Indian Records 161TP7CD2CD Single
SKUNK ANANSIEEveryday Hurts CD2UK 1996One Little Indian Records 171TP7CDLCD Single
SKUNK ANANSIEEvery Bitch But MeFrance Promo 1996One Little Indian Records Visa 3820CD Single
SKUNK ANANSIEBlazen WeepEU 1997Virgin 7243 894317 2 8CD Single
SKUNK ANANSIEBlazen WeepUK 1997One Little Indian Records 191TP7CD2CD Single
SKUNK ANANSIEBlazen WeepUK 1997One Little Indian Records 191TP7CD3CD Single
SKUNK ANANSIECharlie Big PotatoAustralia 1999Virgin 7243 895629 0 3CD Single
SKUNK ANANSIECharlie Big PotatoEU Promo 1999Virgin VSCDJ1725. Cardboard sleeveCD Single
SKUNK ANANSIECharlie Big Potato CD2EU 1999Virgin 7243 895629 2 7CD Single
SKUNK ANANSIESecretlyEU 1999Virgin 7243 895801 0 5CD Single
SKUNK ANANSIESecretlyEU 1999Virgin 7243 8 95802 0 8 VSCDX 1733CD Single
SKUNK ANANSIESecretlyEU 1999Virgin VSCDJ1733. Cardboard sleeveCD Single
SKUNK ANANSIELatelyEU Promo 1999Virgin VSCDJ1738. Cardboard sleeveCD Single
SKUNK ANANSIELatelyEU 1999Virgin 7243 896057 2 3CD Single
SKUNK ANANSIEParanoid & Sunburnt1995CD
SKUNK ANANSIEPost Orgasmic Chill1999CD
SLAYERDecade Of AgressionEurope 199xAmerican Recordings 491801 22CD
SONATA ARCTICATakatalviSouth Korea 2003Ponycanyon Korea PCKD 20156CD EP
SONATA ARCTICAUniaUSA 2007Nuclear Blast 1854-2CD
SOUNDGARDENLouder Than LoveUSA 1989A&M Records CD 5252CD
STAINDDysfunctionGermany 1999Flip Records / Elektra 7559-62356-2CD
STAINDBreak the CycleGermany 2001Flip Records / Elektra 7559-62664-2CD
STORIESWalk Away From the Left Banke PlusFrance 1989See For Miles Records Ltd. SEECD 238CD
STORYTELLER, TheThe StoryTellerJapan 2000Soundholic TKCS-85008CD
STORYTELLER, TheThe StoryTellerSweden 2000No Fashion Records NFR044CD
STORYTELLER, TheCrossroadJapan 2001Soundholic TKCS-85031CD
STORYTELLER, TheCrossroadSweden 2002No Fashion Records NFR 056CDCD
STORYTELLER, TheTales of a Holy QuestSweden 2003Black Lodge BLOD007CDCD
STORYTELLER, TheSeed of LiesSweden 2004Black Lodge BLOD 014CDCD Single
STORYTELLER, TheUnderworldSweden 2005Black Lodge BLOD030CDCD
STORYTELLER, TheDark LegacySweden 2013Black Lodge BLOD086CDCD
SUICIDAL TENDENCIESHow Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile TodayNetherlands 1988Virgin CDV 2551 0777 7 86757 2 3CD
SYSTEM OF A DOWNSystem of a DownAustria 1998American Recordings / Columbia COL 491209 2CD
SYSTEM OF A DOWNSteal this AlbumAustria 2002American Recordings / Columbia COL 510245 2 CD-36CD
SYSTEM OF A DOWNMezmerizeEU 2005American Recordings / Columbia COL 519000 2. Digipak Embossed CoverCD
SYSTEM OF A DOWNHypnotizeEU 2005American Recordings / Columbia 82876726112. Digipak Embossed CoverCD
TANKARDThe Meaning of Life (1990)Germany 1999Noise Records N 0156-2CD
TAROTCrows Fly BlackGermany 2007Nuclear Blast 27361 17630CD
TALISMANGenesis (1993)Sweden 2003Rock Treasures RTCD0062CD
TED NUGENTTed Nugent (1975)USA 1999Epic / Legacy EK 65914CD
TED NUGENTCat Scratch Fever (1977)USA 1999Epic / Legacy EK 65912CD
TENThe Robe1997CD
TENThe Name of the Rose1996CD
TENFar Beyond the World2001CD
TENReturn to Evermore2004CD
TESLAInto the NowEU 2004T&T / Sanctuary TT00602CD
THERIONLemuria / Sirius BEU 2004 Nuclear Blast NB 1295-0 27361 12950Digipack2CD
THIN LIZZYThin Lizzy (1971)Germany 1990Deram 820 528-2CD
THIN LIZZYLive and Dangerous (1978)Germany 1989Vertigo 838 030-2CD
THIN LIZZYAt the BBCEU 2011Mercury 27821556CD+DVD
THIN LIZZYShould Have been by 10 (03/29/78)CD(b)
TIERRA SANTALas Mil y Una NochesSpain 2003Locomotive Music LM160. Digipack2CD
TONY IOMMIEighth Star (Unreleased Solo Album)GRAND CROSS GC-001CD(b)
TOPOTopo (1978)Spain 1994Chapa Discos / Zafiro / BMG España 50601020CD
TRAPEZEMedusa (1970)USA 1994Threshold 820 955-2CD
TRAPEZELive at the Boat Club 1975UK 2003Major League Productions Ltd. MLP04CDCD
TWISTED SISTERStay Hungry (1984)Germany 19??Atlantic 7567-80156-2CD
TYGERS OF PAN TANGWild Cat (1980)Japan 1992MCA MVCM-314CD
TYGERS OF PAN TANGSpellbound (1981)Japan 1992MCA MVCM-315CD
TYGERS OF PAN TANGCrazy Nights (1981)Japan 1992MCA MVCM-316CD
TYGERS OF PAN TANGThe Cage (1982)Japan 1992MCA MVCM-317CD
T-REXElectric Warrior (1971)Spain 1992Divucsa CD-5629CD
U2Rattle and Hum1988CD
UFOStrangers in the Night (1979)UK 1991Chrysalis CCD 1209CD
ULI JON ROTHTranscendental Sky GuitarGermany 2000Steamhammer SPV 089-72032 DCD2CD
URIAH HEEP...very 'eavy ...very 'humble (1970)UK 2001Castle Music CMTCD327CD
URIAH HEEPSalisbury (1971)UK 2001Castle Music CMTCD328CD
URIAH HEEPSweet Freedom (1973)UK 1996Castle Communications ESMCD 338CD
URIAH HEEPUriah Heep Live (1973)EU 1990Castle Communications CCSCD 317CD
URIAH HEEPFallen Angel (1978)UK 1997Castle Communications ESMCD561CD
URIAH HEEPAcoustically DrivenUK 2001Classic Rock Legends CRL0676CD
URIAH HEEPThe Lansdowne Tapes Expanded EditionUK 2002Castle Music CMDDD4412CD
VAN HALENFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge1991CD
VAN HALENBalance1995CD
WARCRYAlea Jacta EstSpain 2004Jaus Records JR003CD
WARCRY¿Dónde está la luz?Spain 2005Jaus Records JR005CD+DVD
WARRANTDog Eat DogEU 1992Columbia 472033 2CD
W.A.S.P.The Real Me / Lake of Fools / War CryUK Promo 1989Capitol Records CDCL 534CD single
W.A.S.P.The Real Me / Lake of Fools / War CryUK 1989Capitol Records CDCL 534CD single
W.A.S.P.Animal (F**k Like a Beast) / Live... AnimalUSA & Canada 1990 Restless Records 7 72512-2CD
W.A.S.P.W.A.S.P. (1984)Original Masters SMMCD501CD
W.A.S.P.The Last Command (1985)EU 1997Original Masters SMM CD 502CD
W.A.S.P.Inside the Electric Circus (1986)EU 1997Original Masters SMM CD 505CD
W.A.S.P.Live... in the Raw (1987)Original Masters SMMCD506CD
W.A.S.P.The Crimson IdolJapan 1992EMI TOCP-6705CD
W.A.S.P.First Blood. Last CutsUSACapitol Records D 102511CD
W.A.S.P.Still Not Black EnoughUSA 1996Castle Records CASTLE 120-2CD
W.A.S.P.Kill Fuck DieUK 2000Essential ESMCD 791CD
W.A.S.P.Double Live AssasinsUK 2000Recall 2cd SMD CD 2752CD
W.A.S.P.HelldoradoUK 1999Apocalypse SMACD818CD
W.A.S.P.The StingUK 2000Apocalypse SMA CD 836. SlipcaseCD
W.A.S.P.UnHoly TerrorUK 2001 Metal-is Records MISCD005CD
W.A.S.P.Dying for the WorldUK 2002Metal-is Records MISCD022CD
W.A.S.P.The Neon God - Part 1 - the RiseUK 2004Noise Records NO3802CD
W.A.S.P.The Neon God - Part 2 - the DemiseUK 2004 Noise Records NO3782CD
W.A.S.P.BabylonEU Promo 2009Demoliton Records DEMCD 165. Cardboard sleeveCD
W.A.S.P.Let the Torture Begin (The Lost Demos - 1979 to 1982)CD(b)
WHITE LIONPrideGermany 1987Atlantic 7567-81768-2CD
WHITE LIONMane AttractionGermany 1991Atlantic 7567-82193-2CD
WHITESNAKESnakebite (1978)CD
WHITESNAKELoveHunter (1979)CD
WHITESNAKELive... in the Heart of the City (1980)CD
WHITESNAKECome an' Get It (1981)CD
WHITESNAKESlip of the Tongue1989CD
WHITESNAKEBBC Snake (London 07/05/78; London 03/29/79; Saarbruken 02/09/79)CD(b)
WHITESNAKEThe Vintage Concert (UK 1979)CD(b)
WHITESNAKERebirth of Serpent (Ipswich 05/10/03)2CD(b)
WITHIN TEMPTATIONThe DanceNetherlands 1998DSFA Records DSFA 1015CD Single
WHO, TheTommy (1969)USA 1996MCA Records MCAD-11417CD
WHO, TheLive at the Isle of Wight Festival (1970)UK 1996Essential! Records EDF CD 3262CD
WISHBONE ASHPilgrimage (1971)UK 1991MCA Records MCD 10233 MCAD 10233CD
WISHBONE ASHArgus (1972)USA 1991MCA Records MCAD-10234CD
WISHBONE ASHLive Dates (1973)UK 1995BGO Records BGO CD293CD
WIZARDHead of the DeceiverGermany 2001LMP 0106-030 CDCD
WUTHERING HEIGHTSTo Travel for EvermoreUSA 2002Sensory SR3014CD
WUTHERING HEIGHTSFar From the Madding CrowdSpain 2003Locomotive Music LM 140CD
YESTERDAY AND TODAYStruck Down (1978)USA 1992Mondo Records Corporation MRC 10020CD
YESBig Generator1987CD
ZAKK WYLDE'S BLACK LABEL SOCIETYAlcohol Fueled Brewtality Live!! + 5Germany 2001Spitfire Records SPITCD112 GAS 0000112 SPR2CD
ZEPHYRGoing Back to Colorado (1971)USA 1994Warner Bros. Records 1897-2CD
ZZ TOPEliminator (1983)USA 19??Warner Bros. Records 9 23774-2CD
V/ADeep Purple Family Album1993CD
V/ADeep Purple Friends and Relatives19992CD
V/ADestrozando el OlvidoSpain 2002Desobediencia DB 030. Digipack2CD
V/AJesus Christ Superstar (Ian Guillan) (1971)2CD
V/ALeganés Está vivo (IV Certamen de Música de Leganés)Spain 2002CD
V/AMariano García - La Visión De Una ÉpocaSpain 2000BOA 0502512CD
V/AMetal Blade Records 20th AnniversaryUSA 2002Metal Blade Records 3984-14404-2. 9CD+DVDBox
V/ANew Wave Of British Heavy Metal '79 RevisitedJapan 1990Vertigo PHCR-3001~22CD
V/AThe Butterfly Ball Show (London 10/16/75)CD(b)
V/AThe Rainbow Family AlbumUK 1994Connoiseur Collection VSOP CD 195CD
V/ATribute to Aerosmith: Not The Same Old Song And DanceUSA 1999Deadline Music CLP 0688-2CD
V/ANikolo Kotzev's NOSTRADAMUS2001CD