Black Sabbath Record Collection

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7" & 12" Singles

Title Country & Year Catalog Number / Comments Format
Black Sabbath / Evil WomanPhilippines 1970?Philips PHI-1178. Purple labels7" Single
Evil Woman / Wicked WorldHolland 1970Vertigo 6059 0027" Single
Evil Woman / Wicked WorldSpain 1970Vertigo 60 59 0027" Single
The Wizard / N.I.B.Philippines 1970?Philips PHI-1187. Dark blue labels7" Single
Paranoid / The WizardAustralia 1970Vertigo 6059 0107" Single
Paranoid / Rat SaladBelgium 1970Vertigo 6059.0147" Single
Paranoid / The WizardChile 1970Philips 6006 0757" Single
Paranoid / Rat SaladFrance 1970Vertigo 6059.0147" Single
Paranoid / The WizardGermany 1970Vertigo 6059.0107" Single
Paranoid / The WizardHolland 1970Vertigo 6059 0107" Single
Paranoid / Rat SaladIran 1970Top4 EX 43387" Single
Paranoid / The WizardItaly 1970Vertigo 6059 0107" Single
Paranoid / The WizardJapan 1970Philips SFL-1300. Red labels7" Single
Paranoid / The WizardJapan 1970Philips SFL-1300. Blue labels7" Single
Paranoid / The WizardLebanon 1970Vertigo 60590107" Single
Paranoid / The WizardNorway 1970Vertigo 60590107" Single
Paranoid / The WizardSpain 1970Vertigo 60 59 0107" Single
Paranoid / The WizardUK 1970Vertigo 6059 0107" Single
Paranoid / The WizardSouth Africa 1970Vertigo TOS 7497" Single
Iron ManUSA Promo 1970Warner Bros. 75307" Single
Wicked World / Iron ManJapan 1970Vertigo SFL-13457" Single
Sweat Leaf / After ForeverPhilippines 1971Philips PHI-1188. Purple labels7" Single
Tomorrow's Dream / Laguna SunriseGermany 1970Vertigo 6059.0617" Single
Tomorrow's Dream / Laguna SunriseJapan 1970Vertigo SFL-17447" Single
Tomorrow's Dream / Laguna SunriseUSA Promo 1972Vertigo WB 76257" Single
Tomorrow's Dream / St Vitus' DancePhilippines 1972Philips PHI-1192. Dark Blue labels7" Single
ParanoidUK 1972NEMS 1017" Single
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / ChangesFrance 1973Vertigo 6165 0017" Single
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / ChangesGermany 1973Vertigo 6165 0017" Single
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / ChangesItaly 1973WWA 6165 1007" Single
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / ChangesJapan 1973Vertigo SFL-18337" Single
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / ChangesPortugal 1973Vertigo 6165 0017" Single
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / ChangesSpain 1973Vertigo 6165 0017" Single
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / FluffPhilippines 1973PHI-1223. Dark Blue labels7" Single
Changes / Sabbath Bloody SabbathPhilippines 1977Vertigo VTG-60117" Single
GypsyYugoslavia 1976Vertigo 6079 1027" Single
Am I going Insane (Radio) / Hole in the SkyJapan 1976Vertigo SFL-20607" Single
It's Alright / Rock'N' Roll DoctorJapan 1976Vertigo SFL-21427" Single
ParanoidHolland 1977NEMS SRS 510.0447" Single
Never Say Die / She's GoneGermany 1978Vertigo 6079 1037" Single
Never Say Die / She's GoneIreland 1978Vertigo SAB 0017" Single
Never Say Die / She's GoneJapan 1978Vertigo SFL-23137" Single
Never Say Die / She's GoneSpain 1978Vertigo 6079 103 GT017" Single
Never Say Die / She's GoneUK 1978Vertigo SAB 001. Silver labels7" Single
Never Say Die / She's GoneUK 1978Vertigo SAB 001. Blue labels7" Single
Hard RoadUK 1978Vertigo SAB 0027" Single
Hard Road / Symptom of the UniverseGermany 1978Vertigo 6079 1047" Single
Neon KnightsIreland 1980Vertigo SAB 37" Single
Neon KnightsJapan Promo 1980Vertigo 7PP-5 (SAB-3)7" Single
Neon KnightsJapan 1980Vertigo 7PP-5 (SAB-3)7" Single
Neon KnightsSpain 1980Vertigo 60 00 4617" Single
Neon KnightsUK 1980Vertigo SAB 37" Single
Lady Evil (Edit)USA Promo 1980Warner Bros. WBS495497" Single
Die YoungFrance 1980Vertigo SAB 41212" Single
Die YoungIreland 1980Vertigo SAB 47" Single
Die YoungUK 1980Vertigo SAB 47" Single
Mob RulesIreland 1981Vertigo SAB 57" Single
Mob RulesSpain 1981Vertigo 60 00 7637" Single
Mob RulesUK 1981Vertigo SAB 57" Single
Turn Up the NightUK 1981Vertigo SAB 67" Single
No Stranger to Love / Angry HeartSpain 1986Vertigo 884 532-77" Single
Devil and DaughterUK 1989IRS EIRS 115. Limited Edition Box7" Single
Devil and DaughterUK 1989IRS EIRS 1157" Single
Headless CrossUK 1989IRS 006 241006 77" Single
TV CrimesHolland/Germany 1992IRS 88 0130 7 BIEM/GEMA7" Single
TV Crimes (Crímenes de la TV)Mexico Promo 1992EMI 700 11957" Single
TV CrimesUK 1992IRS EIRSP 1787" Single
The SinglesItaly 2004Earmark 410316x7" Single Box
The SinglesItaly 2004Earmark 41031L6x7" Single Leather Box
Supersonic Years: The Seventies SinglesUK 2018BMG BMGCAT188BOX10x7" Single Box
Supersonic Years: The Seventies SinglesUSA 2018Warner Bros./ Rhino R7 56643310x7" Single Box
Mob RulesUK 1981Vertigo SAB 51212" Single
Turn Up the NightUK 1981Vertigo SAB P 61212" Picture Disc
ParanoidUK 1982NEMS 12NEX0112" Single
No Stranger to LoveUSA Promo 1986Warner Bros. Pro-A-243012" Single
Feels Good to MeUK 1990IRS EIRST 14812" Single


Title Country & Year Catalog Number / Comments Format
Black SabbathJapan 1970Philips SFX-7203. 2,000 Yen OBI. Gatefold SleeveLP
Black SabbathUK 1970Vertigo VO 6. 847 903 VTY. A Philips Record ProductLP
Black SabbathUSA 1970Warner Bros. Records WS 1871. Green labelsLP
ParanoidIreland 1976NEMS NEL 6003LP
ParanoidJapan 1970Philips SFX-7266. 1,950 Yen OBI. Gatefold SleeveLP
ParanoidUK 1970Vertigo 6360 011. Big BearLP
ParanoidUSA 1970Warner Bros. WS 1887 (S39786)LP
Master of RealityCanada 197xWarner Bros. / WEA Music of Canada BS 2562LP
Master of RealityUK 1971Vertigo 6360 050LP
Volume 4Spain 1981NEMS EDIGSA 16L0146LP
Volume 4UK 1972Vertigo 6360 071. Gatefold SleeveLP
Volume 4USA late 197x / early 198xWarner Bros BS 2602. Gatefold SleeveLP
Sabbath Bloody SabbathHolland 1987Vertigo 832 700-1LP
Sabbath Bloody SabbathJapan 1974Vertigo RJ-5113LP
Sabbath Bloody SabbathSpain 1974Vertigo ‎63 66 101LP
Sabbath Bloody SabbathUK 1973WWA Records ACB 00166. Gatefold SleeveLP
SabotageUK 1975NEMS 9119 001LP
SabotageUSA 1975Warner Bros. BS 2822LP
Technical EcstasyJapan 1976Vertigo ‎ RJ-7174LP
Technical EcstasyUK 1976Vertigo ‎ 9102 750LP
Star GoldGermany 1976NEMS 0084.5012LP
Never Say DieItaly 2004Earmark 41033PPicture Disc LP
Never Say DieJapan 1978Vertigo RJ-7380LP
Never Say DieJapan 1980Vertigo 15PR-25LP
Never Say DieSpain 1978Vertigo 9124101LP
Heaven & HellAustralia 1980Vertigo 6302 017. Australasia on backsleeveLP
Heaven & HellColombia 1980Vertigo 6302017LP
Heaven & HellGermany 1980Vertigo 6302 017. Tour Sticker. "Made in West Germany" text on labelsLP
Heaven & HellGreece 1980Vertigo 6302017LP
Heaven & HellHolland 1980Vertigo 6302 017. "Printed in The Netherlands" on backsleeve. A side pictureLP
Heaven & HellItaly 1980Vertigo 6302 017LP
Heaven & HellItaly 2004Earmark 41041LP
Heaven & HellItaly 2004Earmark 4104PPicture Disc LP
Heaven & HellJapan Promo 1980Vertigo RJ-7672. OBI with printing on the back side. White labelsLP
Heaven & HellJapan 1980Vertigo RJ-7672. OBI with printing on the back sideLP
Heaven & HellJapan 1980Vertigo RJ-7672. OBI without printing on the back side and with added white over red textLP
Heaven & HellJapan Promo 1980Vertigo 17PP-1. White labelsLP
Heaven & HellJapan 1980Vertigo 17PP-1LP
Heaven & HellJapan 1980Vertigo 22PP-93LP
Heaven & HellMexico 1980Vertigo LPR 23023LP
Heaven & HellNorway 1980Vertigo 6302 017LP
Heaven & HellPhilippines 1980Vertigo 6302017LP
Heaven & HellPortugal 1980Vertigo 6302 017LP
Heaven & HellSingapore / Malaysia / Hong Kong 1980Vertigo 6302017LP
Heaven & HellSouth Africa 1980Vertigo STAR 5118LP
Heaven & HellSpain 1980Vertigo 6302 017. "FABRICADO EN ESPAÑA POR POLYGRAM" on B labelLP
Heaven & HellSpain 1980Vertigo 6302 017. "FABRICADO POR COFASA" on labels. A side pictureLP
Heaven & HellSpain 1990Vertigo 424 620-1. Planeta Agostini Reissue. A side pictureLP
Heaven & HellUK 1980Vertigo 9102 752. Muggins Music. A side pictureLP
Heaven & HellUK 1980Vertigo 9102 752. Carlin Music. A side pictureLP
Heaven & HellUSA 1980Warner Bros. BSK 3372. A side pictureLP
Heaven & HellUSA 2008Rhino R1-3372LP
Heaven & HellYugoslavia 1980Vertigo 6302 017LP
Mob RulesAustralia 1981Vertigo 6302 119 AustralasiaLP
Mob RulesFrance 1981Vertigo 6302 119LP
Mob RulesGreece 1981Vertigo 6302 119LP
Mob RulesHolland 1981Vertigo 6302 119LP
Mob RulesItaly 2004Earmark 41042PPicture Disc LP
Mob RulesJapan Promo 1981Vertigo 25PP-36. White labelsLP
Mob RulesJapan 1981Vertigo 25PP-36LP
Mob RulesJapan 1981Vertigo 20PP-94LP
Mob RulesMexico 1982Vertigo LPR 23025LP
Mob RulesNorway 1981Vertigo 6302 119LP
Mob RulesSpain 1981Vertigo 6302 119 (146)LP
Mob RulesUSA 1981Warner Bros. BSK 3605. A side pictureLP
Mob RulesUSA 2008Rhino R1-3605LP
Mob RulesYugoslavia 1981Philips RTB 2221055LP
Live EvilCanada Promo 1982Warner Bros 92 37421. Gatefold Sleeve2LP
Live EvilColombia 1982Vertigo 6650 009. Gatefold Sleeve2LP
Live EvilItaly 2004Earmark 410472LP
Live EvilJapan 1983Vertigo 20PP-49~50LP
Live EvilJapan 1983Vertigo 15PP-47~8LP
Live EvilMexico 1982Vertigo 23032A22LP
Live EvilSpain 1982Vertigo 66 50 0092LP
Live EvilUK 1982Vertigo SAB 102LP
Live EvilUSA 1982Warner Bros. BSK 1-237422LP
Live EvilUSA 2008Rhino R1-237422LP
Live Evil Vol. IVenezuela 1983Polydor 20.053LP
Live Evil Vol IIVenezuela 1983Polydor 20.054LP
Born AgainCanada 1983Vertigo 92 39781LP
Born AgainJapan 1983Vertigo 25PP-101LP
Born AgainSpain 1983Vertigo 814 271-1LP
Seventh StarJapan 1986Vertigo 28PP-1017LP
Seventh StarSpain 1986Vertigo 826 704-1LP
Headless Cross1989LP
Blackest SabbathSpain 1989Vertigo 838818-12LP
TyrEU 1990IRS 1c 064-24 1070 1LP
DehumanizerSpain 1992IRS 064 71 3155 1LP
Past LivesItaly 2004Earmark 410452LP
Live at Hammersmith OdeonUSA 2011Rhino R1-5265733LP
The Vinyl Collection 1970-1978EU 2012Universal 006025371530849 LP + 7" Single Box
13EU 2013Vertigo 3734960LP
The Vinyl Collection 1970-1978USA 2019Rhino R1 5910019 LP + 7" Single Box


Title Country & Year Catalog Number Format
Heaven & HellGermany ReissueVertigo 830 171-2CD
Mob RulesUS ReissueWarner Bros CD 3605CD
We Sold our Soul for Rock'N'RollUSAWarner Bros. 2923-2CD
Sabbath Bloody SabbathUSACreative Sounds 6005-2CD
Headless CrossEU 19997243 5 21299 2 8CD
Feels Good to Me1990CD Single
The Ozzy Osbourne YearsJapan 1991TEICHIKU RECORDS TECX-48039~413CD
TV CrimesUK 1992IRS 7 2438 80062 2 4CD Single
Cross Purposes1994CD
Psycho Man1998CD Single
Black Mass (Live 1970)1999Video CD
The Best20002CD
Past Lives20022CD
Symptom of the Universe 1970-1978USA 2002Rhino R2 737722CD
Black BoxUSA 2004Rhino R2 739238CD+DVD box:
  • Paranoid, Rhino R2 73923-A
  • Master Of Reality, Rhino R2 73923-B
  • Volume 4, Rhino R2 73923-C
  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Rhino R2 73923-D
  • Sabotage, Rhino R2 73923-E
  • Technical Ecstasy, Rhino R2 73923-F
  • Never Say Die, Rhino R2 73923-G
  • Beat Club Footage DVD
Live at Hammersmith OdeonUSA 2007Rhino Handmade RHM2 077352CD
The Rules of HellUSA 2008Rhino5CD:
  • Heaven and Hell, Rhino R2 460156 A
  • Mob Rules, Rhino R2 460156 B
  • Live Evil, Rhino R2 460156 C, 2CD
  • Dehumanizer, Rhino R2 460156 D
The Rules of HellUSA 2008Rhino5CD + Best Buy Bonus CD (Live 1981) Box
Never Say DieJapanVertigo PHCR-2053CD
Born AgainJapanVertigo PHCR-2054CD
Seventh StarJapanVertigo PHCR-2055CD
SabotageJapan/USANPO-152Reissue Japan Imported OBI CD
Iron ManJapan 1990Pioneer PIFP-1005Video Single Disc CD
Heaven and HellUSA 1987Warner Bros 3372-2Long Box CD
Mob RulesUSA 1987Warner Bros 3605-2Long Box CD
Black SabbathJapan 1989Vertigo 23PD-133CD
ParanoidJapan 1989Vertigo 23PD-134CD
Master Of RealityJapan 1989Vertigo 23PD-135CD
Volume 4Japan 1989Vertigo 23PD-136CD
Sabbath Bloody SabbathJapan 1989Vertigo 23PD-125CD
SabotageJapan 1989Vertigo 23PD-127CD
Technical EcstasyJapan 1989Vertigo 23PD-137CD
Heaven & HellJapan 1989Vertigo 23PD-1232153 Yen black text on OBI CD
Heaven & HellJapan 1989Vertigo 23PD-1232300 Yen red text on OBI CD
Live At LastJapan 1989Vertigo 23PD-124CD
Mob RulesJapan 1989Vertigo 23PD-126CD
Black SabbathJapan 1991TEICHIKU TECP-23892CD
ParanoidJapan 1991TEICHIKU TECP-23893CD
Master Of RealityJapan 1991TEICHIKU TECP-23938CD
Volume 4Japan 1991TEICHIKU TECP-23894CD
Sabbath Bloody SabbathJapan 1991TEICHIKU TECP-23937CD
SabotageJapan 1991TEICHIKU TECP-23939CD
Heaven And HellJapan 1992Vertigo PHCR-6072Gold CD
Mob RulesJapan 1992Vertigo PHCR-6073Gold CD
Live EvilJapan 1992Vertigo PHCR-6074Gold CD
Technical EcstasyJapan 1995Vertigo PHCR-4119CD
Never Say DieJapan 1995Vertigo PHCR-4120CD
Born AgainJapan 1995Vertigo PHCR-4121CD
Seventh StarJapan 1995Vertigo PHCR-4118CD
Black SabbathUK 1996Castle ESM CD 301CD
ParanoidUK 1996Castle ESM CD 302CD
Master Of RealityUK 1996Castle ESM CD 303CD
Volume 4UK 1996Castle ESM CD 304CD
Sabbath Bloody SabbathUK 1996Castle ESM CD 305CD
SabotageUK 1996Castle ESM CD 306CD
Technical EcstasyUK 1996Castle ESM CD 328CD
Never Say DieUK 1996Castle ESM CD 329CD
Heaven and HellUK 1996Castle ESM CD 330CD
Live At LastUK 1996Castle ESM CD 331CD
Mob RulesUK 1996Castle ESM CD 332CD
Live EvilUK 1996Castle ESM CD 333CD
Born AgainUK 1996Castle ESM CD 334CD
Seventh StarUK 1996Castle ESM CD 335CD
The Eternal IdolUK 1996Castle ESM CD 336CD
Black SabbathJapan 1996TEICHIKU TECI-20142CD
ParanoidJapan 1996TEICHIKU TECI-20143CD
Master Of RealityJapan 1996TEICHIKU TECI-20144CD
Volume 4Japan 1996TEICHIKU TECI-20145CD
Sabbath Bloody SabbathJapan 1996TEICHIKU TECI-20146CD
SabotageJapan 1996TEICHIKU TECI-20147CD
Technical EcstasyJapan 1996TEICHIKU TECI-20148CD
Never Say DieJapan 1996TEICHIKU TECI-20149CD
Heaven and HellJapan 1996TEICHIKU TECW-20183CD
Mob RulesJapan 1996TEICHIKU TECW-20184CD
Live EvilJapan 1996TEICHIKU TECW-35189~351902CD
Live at LastJapan 1996TEICHIKU TECW-25319CD
Born AgainJapan 1996TEICHIKU TECW-20186CD
The Eternal IdolJapan 1996TEICHIKU TECW-20188CD
Black SabbathJapan 2000TEICHIKU TECI-24030Vinyl Replica CD
ParanoidJapan 2000TEICHIKU TECI-24031Vinyl Replica CD
Sabbath Bloody SabbathJapan 2000TEICHIKU TECI-24032Vinyl Replica CD
Heaven and HellJapan 2000TEICHIKU TECI-24033Vinyl Replica CD
The SinglesUK 2000Sanctuary CMKBX0026CD Vinyl Replica Box
The Complete 70's Replica CD CollectionUK 2000Sanctuary CMXBX3058CD Vinyl Replica Box:
  • Black Sabbath, Sanctuary CMTCD003, CD
  • Paranoid, Sanctuary CMTCD004, CD
  • Master Of Reality, Sanctuary CMTCD005, CD
  • Volume 4, Sanctuary CMTCD006, CD
  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Sanctuary CMTCD028, CD
  • Sabotage, Sanctuary CMTCD029, CD
  • Technical Ecstasy, Sanctuary CMTCD030, CD
  • Never Say Die, Sanctuary CMTCD031, CD
Black SabbathJapan 2001Victor VICP-61277CD
ParanoidJapan 2001Victor VICP-61278CD
Master of RealityJapan 2001Victor VICP-61279CD
Volume 4Japan 2001Victor VICP-61280CD
Sabbath Bloody SabbathJapan 2001Victor VICP-61281CD
SabotageJapan 2001Victor VICP-61282Promo. CD
Technical EcstasyJapan 2001Victor VICP-61283CD
Never Say DieJapan 2001Victor VICP-61284CD
Heaven And HellJapan 2001Victor VICP-61285CD
Mob RulesJapan 2001Victor VICP-61286CD
Live EvilJapan 2001Victor VICP-61291CD
Born AgainJapan 2001Victor VICP-61287CD
Seventh StarJapan 2001Victor VICP-61288CD
The Eternal IdolJapan 2001Victor VICP-61289CD
The Best of Black SabbathJapan 2001Victor VICP-61275~762CD
Black SabbathJapan 2002Victor VICP-61710Vinyl Replica CD
ParanoidJapan 2002Victor VICP-61711Vinyl Replica CD
Master Of RealityJapan 2002Victor VICP-61712Vinyl Replica CD
Volume 4Japan 2002Victor VICP-61713Vinyl Replica CD
Sabbath Bloody SabbathJapan 2002Victor VICP-61714Vinyl Replica CD
We Sold our Soul for Rock'n'RollJapan 2002Victor VICP-61715~62CD
Black SabbathEU 2004Castle SMRCD031CD
ParanoidEU 2004Castle SMRCD032CD
Master Of RealityEU 2004Castle SMRCD033CD
Volume 4EU 2004Castle SMRCD034CD
Sabbath Bloody SabbathEU 2004Castle SMRCD035CD
SabotageEU 2004Castle SMRCD036CD
Technical EcstasyEU 2004Castle SMRCD037CD
Never Say DieEU 2004Castle SMRCD038CD
Live at LastEU 2004Castle SMRCD071CD
Heaven and HellEU 2004Castle SMRCD072CD
Mob RulesEU 2004Castle SMRCD073CD
Live EvilEU 2004Castle SMRCD074CD
Ozzy Years Part 1Japan 2007UniversalVinyl Replica Box:
  • Black Sabbath, Universal POCE-1097, CD
  • Paranoid (1970, Universal POCE-1098, CD
  • Master Of Reality, Universal POCE-1099, CD
  • Volume 4, Universal POCE-1100, CD
  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Universal POCE-1101, CD
Ozzy Years Part 2Japan 2007UniversalVinyl Replica Box:
  • Sabotage, Universal POCE-1102, CD
  • We Sold our Soul for Rock'n'Roll, Universal POCE-1103/4, 2CD
Black SabbathJapan 2008Universal POCE-9107Vinyl Replica SHM-CD
ParanoidJapan 2008Universal POCE-9108Vinyl Replica SHM-CD
Master Of RealityJapan 2008Universal POCE-9109Vinyl Replica SHM-CD
Volume 4Japan 2008Universal POCE-9110Vinyl Replica SHM-CD
Sabbath Bloody SabbathJapan 2008Universal POCE-9111Vinyl Replica SHM-CD
Master of Reality BoxJapan 2009Disk UnionBox for 2009 Japan Vinyl Replica SHM-CD Reissues
Black SabbathJapan 2009Universal UICY-94180/1Vinyl Replica 2 SHM-CD
ParanoidJapan 2009Universal UICY-94182Vinyl Replica 2 SHM-CD + DVD
Master Of RealityJapan 2009Universal UICY-94183/4Vinyl Replica 2SHM-CD
Volume 4Japan 2009Universal UICY-94185Vinyl Replica SHM-CD
Sabbath Bloody SabbathJapan 2009Universal UICY-94186Vinyl Replica SHM-CD
SabotageJapan 2009Universal UICY-94187Vinyl Replica SHM-CD
We Sold our Soul for Rock'n'RollJapan 2009Universal UICY-94188/9Vinyl Replica 2SHM-CD
Technical EcstasyJapan 2009Universal UICY-94190Vinyl Replica SHM-CD
Heaven and Hell BoxJapan 2010Disk UnionBox for 2010 Japan Vinyl Replica SHM-CD Reissues
Never Say DieJapan 2010Universal UICY-94471Vinyl Replica SHM-CD
Heaven and HellJapan 2010Universal UICY-94472/3Vinyl Replica 2SHM-CD
Mob RulesJapan 2010Universal UICY-94474/5Vinyl Replica 2SHM-CD
Live EvilJapan 2010Universal UICY-94476/7Vinyl Replica 2SHM-CD
Heaven and HellEU 2010Universal 2735073DELUXE Editon 2CD
Mob RulesEU 2010Universal 2735070DELUXE Editon 2CD
Live EvilEU 2010Universal 2733929DELUXE Editon 2CD
The Eternal IdolEU 2010Universal 2752460DELUXE Editon 2CD
The Ozzy Years: Complete Albums Box SetEU 2010Sanctuary/Universal 532969713 CD Cross shape Box
Black SabbathJapan 2010Universal UICY-20038SHM-CD
ParanoidJapan 2010Universal UICY-20039SHM-CD
Master Of RealityJapan 2010Universal UICY-20106SHM-CD
Volume 4Japan 2010Universal UICY-20107SHM-CD
Past LivesJapan 2011Universal UICY-75111/2Vinyl Replica 2SHM-CD
Born AgainJapan 2011Universal UICY-75113/4Vinyl Replica 2SHM-CD
Seventh StarJapan 2011Universal UICY-75115/6Vinyl Replica 2SHM-CD
The Eternal IdolJapan 2011Universal UICY-75117/8Vinyl Replica 2SHM-CD
ParanoidJapan 2011Universal UIGY-9034Digipack SA-CD
Master Of RealityJapan 2011Universal UIGY-9503Digipack SA-CD
Black SabbathJapan 2012Universal UIGY-9094Digipack SA-CD
Volume 4Japan 2012Universal UIGY-9095Digipack SA-CD
Sabbath Bloody SabbathJapan 2012Universal UIGY-9087Digipack SA-CD
Heaven and HellJapan 2012Universal UIGY-9088Digipack SA-CD

Bootlegs - Vinyl

Title City / Date Comments Format
Neon Knights-7" Single
Rat SaladBerlin 06/26/70LP
CopperParis 12/20/70LP
Live in ParisParis 12/20/70LP
Gr'ndlepolPhiladelphia 08/06/75LP
Black HavenPhiladelphia 08/06/752LP
Doomsday RecitationLund 04/21/772LP
UnorthodoxPittsburg 09/02/782LP
666-Demonic VisitationsLondon 1978LP
Heavy Metal HolocaustHartford 08/10/80LP
Death RidersHartford 08/10/80Red VinylLP
Death RidersHartford 08/10/80LP
Bloody SabbathHartford 08/10/80LP
Their Satanic Majesties ReturnProvidence 08/12/80LP
Buer AlbumTokyo 11/17/802LP
Nuclear PoisonerTokyo 10/18/80LP
Armorius Circle(11/18/802LP
London Hammersmith OdeonLondon 01/20/812LP
BitchStockholm 08/19/832LP
Paranoid in ReadingReading 08/27/832LP
A Black ShowWorcester 11/04/83LP
ApocalypseMilano 12/05/872LP
Dies IraeMilano 10/01/902LP
Fade from the lightTokyo 05/12/13#53/150 Blue vinylLP

Bootlegs - CD

Title City / Date Comments Format
We Love You All-CD
Archangel Rides Again-CD
Ultimate Rarirites Vol1-CD
Star of India-7th Star Demos 1985CD
Return to 1969Plumpton Race Course 08/09/69CD
Black Night in San FranciscoSan Francisco 11/27/70CD
War PigsParis 12/20/70CD
The Madman YearsWichita 03/25/71Aces High CD 016CD
Master of WinterlandSan Francisco 11/01/71Reel Masters-004CD
Tomorrow's DreamTucson 03/16/72CD
Scandinavium OcultismGothemburg 01/11/74Tarantura TCDBS-8. Cardboard SleeveCD
Cannabis ConfusionOntario 04/06/74CD
BagdadOntario 04/06/74CD
Accidental OverdoseNew Yersey 08/05/75Also Earth Jam Session 19692CD
Let Slip the Pigs of WarNew Yersey 08/05/75CD
Heaven And EarthNew Yersey 08/05/752CD
War Pigs in PennsylvaniaNew Yersey 08/05/75Philadelphia?. Also Pittsburg 09/02/78CD
Past Live EverNew Yersey 08/05/75Tarantura TCDBS-2-1,2. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
Sabotage on Route:666San Bernardino 09/75CD
Megalomaniac ArchitectLondon 01/13/76Also Pittsburg 01/02/742CD
Killing Yourself to DieLund 04/21/77CD
Killing Yourself to DieLund 04/21/77Tarantura TCDBS-10. #65/100. Cardboard SleeveCD
Fresno 1978Fresno 09/22/78CD
One for the NoseFresno 09/22/78CD
Shock Wave Over TexasAlibene 12/07/78Aces High CD 026CD
Live in Tokyo 1980Tokyo 1980CD
Live MobCedar Rapids 03/15/80Aces High CD 025CD
Dragons and KingsUSA 1980CD
Lonely is the WorldOffenbach 06/02/802CD
Death RidersHartford 08/10/80CD
PandaemoniumBuffalo 10/13/80CD
The Last SacramentOsaka 11/11/802CD
Meloik in JapanTokyo 11/16/80Tarantura TCDBS-1-1,2. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
Meloik in JapanTokyo 11/16/80Tarantura TCDBS-1-1,2 (2nd). Cardboard Sleeve2CD
Evil In The EveningTokyo 11/16/80Tarantura TCDBS-6-1. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
Gospel of the WitchesTokyo 11/17/80Tarantura TCDBS-3-1,2. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
Stand Up and ShoutTokyo 11/17/80Tarantura TCDBS-3,4,5. Also contains Kyoto 11/10/80, Osaka 11/21/80Box 6CD
The Day of Tony's illnessTokyo 11/18/80Tarantura TCDBS-9. Cardboard SleeveCD
The Light BringerTokyo 11/20/80Tarantura TCDBS-4-1,2. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
Children of the GraveOsaka 11/21/80Tarantura TCDBS-5-1,2. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
Children of the GraveOsaka 11/21/80Tarantura TCDBS-5-1,2 (2nd). Cardboard Sleeve2CD
Holy WarLondon 01/20/812CD
Evil MobCedar Rapids 03/15/82Bonus Tracks Live in USA 1980-812CD
Parisian BitchParis 11/29/83CD
Feign Death SabbathOffenbach 09/18/83Also Montreal 10/21/832CD
Live in UIC PavillionChicago 11/18/832CD
Ray RulesLondon 06/02/86CD
Hammersmith 1986London 06/02/86CD
Boston 1992Boston 08/09/922CD
Ozzy Meets the PriestLos Angeles 11/15/92CD
Sabbath Finally SabbathLos Angeles 01/06/99CD
The Fundamental Church of RockLondon 12/05/993 tracks from Los Angeles 11/15/92CD


Title Country & Year Catalog Number / Comments Format
Eighth Star (Unreleased Solo Album)1996CD
The 1996 DEP Sessions (With Glen Hughes)2004CD

Heaven & Hell

Title Country & Year Catalog Number / Comments Format
Bible Black / Neon Nights (Live)USA 2009Rhino R1 5185117" Single
Live From Radio City Music HallGermany 2007Rhino SPV 98101 2LP2LP
The Devil you KnowGermany 2009RoadRunner RRCAR 7853-12LP
Live From Radio City Music HallGermany 2007Rhino SPV 98102 2CD2CD
Live From Radio City Music Hall - Deluxe EditionUSA 2007Rhino Hand Made R2 2775642CD + DVD wooden box
Neon Nights - 30 Years of Heaven & Hell Live at WackenJapan 2010Armoury Records / Ward Records VQCD-10207Carboard Sleeve SHM-CD
Give me LightWembley 11/10/2007 (bootleg)WB Records 0013LP
Rockpalast06/16/2009 (bootleg)Tailgunner Records. Number 3 of 10LP
Sabbath in Loud ParkOsaka 10/23/2007 (bootleg)Tarantura TCDHH-2Cardboard Sleeve CD
Live at ClarkstonClarkston 08/18/2008 (bootleg)Tarantura TCDHH-1Cardboard Sleeve CD

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