Rainbow 1975 - 1978. The Dio Years. Bootlegs Collection


Bootlegs - Vinyl

Date DD/MM/YYCityTitleLabel & Catalog NumberCommentsFormat
Dec 1976TokyoLet's Kill BudokanKill the King / Still I'm Sad. Copy 09 of 107" Single
29/09/76Munich / StockholmTogether with Dio (Do You Close Your Eyes / Sixteenth Century Greensleeves)Rock Tones #03/50Black Vinyl. Munich 29 September 1976 / Stockholm 25 September 19777" Single
20/10/77MunichLive in Munich 1977 (Sixteenth Century Greensleeves / Kill the King)Rock Tones #05/50Black Vinyl7" Single
17/01/78Osaka / TokyoJanuary 1978 (The End Of Time / Night People)WB Records WB002Black Vinyl. Osaka 17 January 1978 / Tokyo 21 January 19787" Single
17/01/78Osaka / TokyoJanuary 1978 (The End Of Time / Night People)WB Records WB002Clear Vinyl. Osaka 17 January 1978 / Tokyo 21 January 19787" Single
22/11/76MelbourneLive in AustraliaTAKRL 24904Spindizzie Labels2LP
22/11/76MelbourneLive in AustraliaTAKRL 24904Spindizzie Labels Orange Insert2LP
22/11/76MelbourneLive in AustraliaTAKRL 24904Clean Labels2LP
02/12/76TokyoBlackmore the Raider1202 A/BIdle Mind Productions. Red coverLP
02/12/76TokyoBlackmore the Raider1202 A/BIdle Mind Productions. Orange coverLP
05/12/76OsakaWar of NervesH-400/H-5002LP
05/12/76OsakaNippon EyesLP-RB-1/2Colour Picture Sleeve and Sticker2LP
05/12/76OsakaNippon EyesLP-RB-1/2Blank sleeves with front and back picture on separate sheets of paper2LP
08/12/76OsakaCatch the RainbowBR1214Gatefold Sleeve2LP
08/12/76OsakaSeven BridgeBR 726"BR726A 1K" and "BR726B 1K" printed in the run-off area LP
09/12/76OsakaGuitar VanguardMBP 992Blue insert Cover. Picture. Black labelsLP
09/12/76OsakaGuitar VanguardMBP 992Blue insert Cover. Picture. Light cream Ruthless Rhymes labelsLP
09/12/76OsakaGuitar VanguardMBP 992Green insert Cover. Picture. White Ruthless Rhymes labelsLP
09/12/76OsakaGuitar VanguardMBP 992Yellow insert Cover. Picture. Yellow Ruthless Rhymes labelsLP
09/12/76OsakaGuitar VanguardMBP 992Yellow insert Cover. Black text and guitar picture grayer than this. Light cream Ruthless Rhymes labelsLP
09/12/76OsakaGuitar VanguardMBP 992Orange insert Cover. Orange labelLP
09/12/76OsakaGuitar VanguardMBP 992Pink insert Cover. Picture. Dragonfly labelsLP
09/12/76OsakaGuitar VanguardMBP 992Light Yellow insert Cover. Picture. White labelsLP
09/12/76OsakaGuitar VanguardMBP 992Light Yellow insert Cover. Picture. Duck Records labelsLP
09/12/76OsakaGuitar VanguardMBP 992Ritchie Blackmore Picture CoverLP
09/12/76OsakaGuitar VanguardMBP 992Orange Ritchie Blackmore Picture Cover. GLC Green labelsLP
16/12/76TokyoLive at the Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on the 16th December 1976 - Evening ShowIron Eagle Records 190/191/192Unnumered / 210. White vinyls. USA 20213LP
27/09/77OsloCatch the RainbowBF94052Holland2LP
04/10/77Den HaagKill the KingPHOD-4010UK2LP
04/11/77LiverpoolMark IIR772LP
20/10/77MunichSort of Fucking Boring Old PartHE 9314 A/BRed/White CoverLP
20/10/77MunichSort of Fucking Boring Old PartHE 9314 A/BGreen/White CoverLP
16/01/78OsakaSatisfactionBL409 A/BLP
17/01/78OsakaLive at the Koseinenkin KaikanIron Eagle Records 109/110/111#192 / 2003LP
03/02/78TokyoKerr-aannnngg!!!RB 1528Black Labels. "RB 1528 BLACKMORE'S FUCKIN OLD TURD (P)1978 AN OBNOXIOUS PRODUCTION" text on SpineLP
03/02/78TokyoKerr-aannnngg!!!RB 1528White Labels. "RB 1528 BLACKMORE'S FUCKIN OLD TURD 1978 AN OBNOXIOUS PRODUCTION" text on SpineLP
23/06/78AtlantaSomewhere over the... RainbowTaurus 002 9103LP
24/06/78AtlantaAtlanta 8/6/78AudiodiscAcetateLP

Bootlegs - CD

Date DD/MM/YYCityTitleLabel & Catalog NumberCommentsFormat
--Rising Rough MixLANGLEY-087Sticker #018CD
--Rising Rough MixRising Arrow-061Sticker #123CD
--Rising Rough Mix Definitive EditionLANGLEY-220CD
--Rising Rough Mix Hidden MasterNo LabelSticker #106CD
--Rising Japanese 1976 Original LPNo LabelBonus CD of Rising Arrow-052CD-R
--RisingPolydor DELUXE 2490 137Vinyl ReplicaCD
--Rising US 8 Track Tape-Sticker #042. Bonus "Tarot Woman" single replica CD-RCD
--Tower of Babel - World Tour Rehearsals 1976GRYPHON GR-R-7433CD
--Tower of Babel - World Tour Rehearsals 1976SuperSonic SS 2000013/14/15Cardboard Sleeve Box3CD
--Rehearsals 1976Rising Arrow-034CD
--Rehearsals 1976Rising Arrow-034Sticker #076CD
--1976 Tour RehearsalsSHAKUNTALA 137/138OBI Strip2CD
--Lost and Never Found - World Tour Rehearsals 19762007 The Swingin' Pig Records TCP - CD 7803/7804Digipack2CD
--Insanity PartyWyvern Int. WLG-136R1-6Cardboard Box6 CD
--Ritchie's Box Rainbow EditionCardboard Box20 CD
--Incubus Party 76~84Wyvern Int. WLG-121RWooden Box. Number 417 of 77712 CD
--Monster Party 76~95Wyvern Int.Wooden Box7 CD
1976JapanLive in Japan - Chase the RainbowEmpress ValleyCardboard SleeveCD
Dec 1976TokyoReturn of SatanEmpress Valley EVSD-793/794/795/796/797/7981st Version (Band picture on the BOX) Contains:
Knights of Rainbow (2CD) - 2 Dec 1976
The Crown of King (4CD) - 16 Dec 1976
Dec 1976TokyoReturn of SatanEmpress Valley EVSD-793/794/795/796/797/7982nd Version (Ritchie picture on the BOX) Contains:
Knights of Rainbow (2CD) - 2 Dec 1976
The Crown of King (4CD) - 16 Dec 1976
--On Stage Special Edited Versions (1977)CD
--On Stage OuttakesMN54-8905Sticker #116CD
--On Stage 8 Track Tape-Sticker #116. Bonus "Live in Japan Radio Broadcast 1977" CD-R.
Concert from Osaka 9th December 1976
--Long Live Rock and Roll Rough Mix2CD
--Long Live Rock and Roll 8 Track Tape-Sticker #035. Bonus "Long Live Rock and Roll REEL MASTER FINAL PLAY" CD-RCD
--Long Live Rock and Roll Japanese 1978 Original LPCD-R
--Big SpecialVolume 1CD-R
--Rising / Long Live Rock 'n' RollJapanese Original LPsSticker #0952CD
12/11/75New YorkMartian RainbowBR-01Cardboard SleeveCD
12/11/75New YorkFirst Gig in New YorkBS2/32CD
12/11/75New YorkHeavy PortraitRising Arrow-0062CD
12/11/75New YorkDo you Feel Alright? First Live In AmericaTarantura TCDRAINBOW-16-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
12/11/75New YorkDo you Feel Alright? First Live In AmericaTarantura TCDRAINBOW-16-1,2 2nd editionCardboard Sleeve2CD
12/11/75New YorkDefinitive Heavy PortraitRising Arrow-069Sticker #0742CD
14/11/75New YorkSecond Night of New YorkLost and Found LAF-050CD-R
14/11/75New YorkThe 4th GigRising Arrow-036Sticker #0592CD
15/11/75PhiladelphiaShut UpCD
15/11/75PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia 1975Rising Arrow Bonus 002CD-R
18/11/75PittsburghPittsburgh 11.18.75DP-020Complete R printed on CDCD
18/11/75PittsburghPittsburgh 11.18.75DP-020Incomplete R printed on CDCD
18/11/75PittsburghPremiere at The BeginningSmooth Dancer SD-00712CD-R
18/11/75PittsburghDark and LightRising Arrow-0438 tracks from Philadelphia 15/11/752CD
18/11/75PittsburghDark and LightRising Arrow-043Sticker #037. 8 tracks from Philadelphia 15/11/752CD
21/11/75Detroit1975Starquake SQ-02Sleeve says 20th NovemberCD
21/11/75Detroit1975 Finyl EditionDemon's Eye DE-014~15Cardboard Sleeve2CD
21/11/75DetroitDetroit 19752CD
21/11/75DetroitFlashes of LightingRising Arrow-048Sticker #0762CD
21/11/75DetroitDetroit 1975Fire Inc FI-0052CD-R
21/11/75DetroitDetroit Rock CityTarantura TCDRAINBOW-25 1,2Cardboard Sleeve #50/100. Sleeve says 21st November2CD
17/06/76New YorkNew York in BlackGypsy Eye 230/2312CD
17/06/76New YorkCome Back to New York CitySmooth Dancer SD-90142CD
17/06/76New YorkBeaconfire 1976Castle of Doragon file 001CD-R
17/06/76New YorkThunder RoarRising Arrow-0192CD
17/06/76New YorkThunder RoarRising Arrow-019Reissue with Sticker #0072CD
22/06/76DaytonDayton RisingRising Arrow-0322CD
22/06/76DaytonCrash in Dayton2CD
22/06/76DaytonA Day at DaytonCastle of Doragon file 0062CD-R
25/06/76ChicagoCaptured a Legend2CD
25/06/76ChicagoRising KingdomRising Arrow-0282CD
25/06/76ChicagoThe Crazy Ballroom PartyTarantura TCDRAINBOW-20-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
15/07/76MiamiMiami 7.15.76DP-021-1~2Complete R on CD2CD
15/07/76MiamiMiami 7.15.76DP-021-1~2Incomplete R on CD2CD
15/07/76MiamiMiami Vice2CD
15/07/76MiamiMiami Wizard2CD-R
15/07/76MiamiMiami 1976Rising Arrow-057Sticker #0622CD
03/08/76BurbankA Light In Your EyesDemon's Eye DE-006~7Cardboard Sleeve2CD
03/08/76BurbankBurbank MasterRising Arrow-0132CD
03/08/76BurbankBurbank MasterRising Arrow-013Reissue with Sticker #0072CD
03/08/76BurbankDefinitive Burbank 1976Rising Arrow-070Sticker #0762CD
31/08/76BristolThe Very First Night in UK2CD
31/08/76BristolDemolitionNIGHTMARE NM001/0022CD
31/08/76BristolBristol 19762CD-R
01/09/76LeicesterLeicester RisingDemon's Eye DE-016-172CD
01/09/76LeicesterLeicester 19762CD-R
05/09/76ManchesterInsanity Party '762CD
05/09/76ManchesterDefinitive ManchesterLost and Found LAF362/3632CD-R
05/09/76ManchesterLive in EnglandTarantura TCDRAINBOW-15-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
05/09/76ManchesterManchester 1976 & Liverpool 1977Rainbow Records RR-001-1,2Bonus Track from Liverpool 1977. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
07/09/76LondonRising Power U.K.Rising Arrow-0333rd & 4th CDs from London 08/09/094CD
07/09/76LondonLondon 1976LANGLEY-2412CD-R
08/09/76LondonRonnie's NightPlatinum & Gold PG-7609082CD-R
11/09/76BirminghamVictory Night2CD-R
11/09/76BirminghamBirmingham RisingRising Arrow-037Sticker #0142CD
14/09/76NewcastleKilled in Castle2CD-R
20/09/76StockholmFirst Appearence in Europe2CD
20/09/76StockholmFirst Rising in EuropeRising Arrow-0022CD
20/09/76StockholmFirst Rising in EuropeRising Arrow-002Reissue with Sticker. Limited Edition #2082CD
20/09/76StockholmStockholm SyndromeTarantura TCDRAINBOW-18-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
20/09/76StockholmStockholm 19762CD-R
22/09/76CopenhagenSong for GefionDemon's Eye DE-028-292CD Box
22/09/76CopenhagenThe Raging GodRising Arrow-0162CD
22/09/76CopenhagenThe Raging GodRising Arrow-016 Collectors's Edition2CD+DVD
22/09/76CopenhagenCopenhagen 1976Rising Arrow-067Sticker #0592CD+DVD
27/09/76DusseldorfDusseldorf 1976Rising Arrow Bonus 001CD-R
02/10/76DortmundDortmund RisingCD-R
13/10/76ParisAnywhere Over the Rainbow2CD
13/10/76ParisParis Rising2CD-R
18/10/76Den HaagA hymn2CD
18/10/76Den HaagDen Haag 1976Rising Arrow-0012CD
18/10/76Den HaagDen Haag 1976Rising Arrow-001Reissue with Sticker. Limited Edition #2762CD
18/10/76Den HaagDefinitive IncompleteRising Arrow-012Extras Niigata 31/01/782CD
09/11/76MelbourneOver MelbourneRed Hot RH-010/0112CD
09/11/76MelbourneDragon's MuralGAEA6932CD
11/11/76SydneyOn Stage in Down UnderMN52-9321/223 Bonus Tracks from LLRR Outtakes 19782CD
11/11/76SydneySydney 1976LANGLEY-0732CD
11/11/76SydneySydney 1976Rising Arrow-0442CD
11/11/76SydneySydney 1976Rising Arrow-044Sticker #092CD
11/11/76SydneyLive Down Under 1976 - Australia 1976CD 2 Melbourne 22/11/764CD-R
11/11/76SydneyLive Down Under 1976 - 1976 Oceania Tourpro599cdCD 2 Melbourne 22/11/764CD-R
22/11/76MelbourneRising Down Under2CD-R
02/12/76TokyoBlackmore the RaiderIMP-1202CDYellow CoverCD
02/12/76TokyoBlackmore the RaiderIMP-1202CDBlue CoverCD
02/12/76TokyoFirst Rising SunDemon's Eye DE-030-312CD Box
02/12/76TokyoEmperor's BloodRising Arrow-0292CD
02/12/76TokyoUijin'Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-3-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
02/12/76TokyoLegend of the Additional PerformanceTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE-1-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
02/12/76TokyoTales of the Rising SunRising Arrow-040Sticker #0032CD
05/12/76OsakaStraight to the SkyBondage Music BON238/2392CD
05/12/76OsakaWar of NervesPart of Rainbow BoxCD
05/12/76OsakaNippon EyesPart of Rainbow BoxCD
05/12/76OsakaOn Tour 1976Part of Rainbow Box2CD
05/12/76OsakaBroadcast 1976Bonus Tracks from Osaka 9/12/76CD-R
05/12/76OsakaRaged in the BackstageGRYPHON 009~102CD
05/12/76OsakaStargazer - On Tour 1976R76121/23 Bonus Tracks from Kyoto 10/12/762CD
05/12/76OsakaStargazer - On Tour 1976 RemasteredOMR-761253 Bonus Tracks from Kyoto 10/12/762CD
05/12/76OsakaHail to the KingRising Arrow-0092CD
05/12/76OsakaThe Destroyer in the WestTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE-2-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
05/12/76OsakaThe Destroyer in the WestTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE-2-1,2 (2nd)Cardboard Sleeve2CD
05/12/76OsakaCatch the Rainbow(No label)Sticker #131. Half tracks from Osaka 09/12/76. Bonus "Rock On" CD-R2CD
05/12/76OsakaCatch the RainbowRising Arrow-058Sticker #077. Half tracks from Osaka 09/12/76. Bonus "Rock On" CD-R2CD
05/12/76OsakaOsaka 1976 1st NightRising Arrow-052Sticker #2002CD
05/12/76OsakaCity of RainbowEmpress Valley EVSD-1600/1601/1602/1603Disc 1 & 2: Live At Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka Japan 5 December 1976
Disc 3 & 4: Live At Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka Japan 17 January 1978
07/12/76NagoyaThe Day Before RecordingsSmooth Dancer SD-005/62CD
07/12/76NagoyaCatch the Niji - Someones's Calling My NameNiji N-001/22CD
07/12/76NagoyaFoldback, Marshall MajorsTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE-3-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
07/12/76NagoyaRising in NagoyaCalm and Storm-027Sticker #063 and Program Replica2CD
08/12/76OsakaSeven BridgeBR-726CDPink Cardboard CoverCD
08/12/76OsakaSeven BridgeBR-726CDGreen Cardboard CoverCD
08/12/76OsakaHeroic VerseRHEA WV12 RH681-6822CD
08/12/76OsakaLucifer RisingRising Arrow-0102CD
08/12/76OsakaShadow of the WizardRising Arrow-038Sticker #002. 3th & 4th CD from 09/12/764CD
08/12/76OsakaLive in OsakaTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE-4-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
08/12/76OsakaLive in OsakaTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE-4-1,2 (2nd Edition)Cardboard Sleeve2CD
09/12/76OsakaTime Standing StillDynamite Studio DS92A025CD
09/12/76OsakaTime Standing StillDynamite Studio DS95R025CD
09/12/76OsakaTime Standing StillDynamite Studio DS95R025Cardboad SleeveCD
09/12/76OsakaTime Standing StillDynamite Studio DS2000R025CD
09/12/76OsakaKill The KingPandora 001/22 Bonus Tracks from Fukuoka 13/12/76. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
09/12/76OsakaHeavy StruckRising Arrow-0242CD
09/12/76OsakaMore Heavy StruckRising Arrow-0253CD
09/12/76OsakaHeritageRising Arrow-035Sticker #0682CD
09/12/76OsakaHeritage While the Light LastsRising Arrow-039Bonus "Osaka 12-09-1976" CD-RCD
09/12/76Osaka1976/12/9 OsakaCD-R
09/12/76OsakaPurple HazeTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE-5-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
09/12/76OsakaRising in OsakaFM Broadcast RecordingCD-R
09/12/76OsakaOn Stage In OsakaTarantura TCDRAINBOW-45-1,2 Jun. 2021#0070 Limited 100 copies. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
09/12/76OsakaOn Stage In OsakaTarantura TCDRAINBOW-45-1,2 (2nd Edition) Jun. 2021#0020 Limited 100 copies. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
09/12/76OsakaSoundboard ArchivesRising Arrow-066Sticker #116. Contains songs from Osaka 08/12/762CD
10/12/76KyotoJust a Crazy Dream -Reaching For Somebody's Star-H-BOMB MUSIC HBM 9505/95062CD
10/12/76KyotoKyoto 1976/12/102CD
10/12/76KyotoIncubus '76Wyvern WLG-121R1/22CD
10/12/76KyotoKill for the KingRising Arrow-0232CD
10/12/76KyotoKyoto 1976 Master Tape2CD-R
10/12/76KyotoPlaying the ShadowsTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE-6-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
10/12/76KyotoPlaying the ShadowsTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE-6-1,2 (2nd)Cardboard Sleeve2CD
10/12/76KyotoA Light in the BlackTarantura TCDRAINBOW-46-1,2 Sept. 2021Cardboard Sleeve2CD
13/12/76FukuokaClashed in FukuokaGRYPHON 015~0162CD
13/12/76FukuokaHakata 1976LANGLEY-0662CD
13/12/76FukuokaAllied ForceRising Arrow-0114CD
13/12/76FukuokaAllied ForceRising Arrow-011S2CD
13/12/76FukuokaDo you see the lightCrystal Gate R1/22CD-R
13/12/76FukuokaJesu, Joy of Man's DesiringTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE-7-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
14/12/76HiroshimaChase the RainbowTNT-930135/65 Bonus Tracks2CD
14/12/76HiroshimaA Light in the BlackSonic Zoom SZ 2003/20042CD
14/12/76HiroshimaA Light in the BlackSonic Zoom SZ 2003/2004Cardboard Sleeve2CD
14/12/76HiroshimaAve MariaTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE-8-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
14/12/76HiroshimaAve MariaTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE-8 (2019) Sept. 2019Cardboard Sleeve2CD
14/12/76HiroshimaRising in HiroshimaCalm & Storm 019Sticker #108 and Program Replica2CD
16/12/76TokyoAuroraAURORA RECORDS AURORA-4-1Evening & Afternoon Shows. Digipack4CD
16/12/76TokyoWhen Evening FallsLANGLEY-123Evening Show2CD
16/12/76TokyoWhen Evening FallsLANGLEY-284Evening Show4CD
16/12/76TokyoWhen Evening FallsRising Arrow-007Evening Show2CD
16/12/76TokyoWhen Evening Falls Master Cassette VersionEvening Show2CD-R
16/12/76TokyoWhen Evening Falls 35th Anniversary EditionRising Arrow-007Sticker #005. Reissue. Program Replica. Evening Show2CD
16/12/76TokyoBlack TapestryRising Arrow-027Afternoon Show2CD
16/12/76TokyoRising the RainbowLANGLEY-123Evening Show2CD
16/12/76TokyoThe End of RisingDarker Than Blue 041/042Evening Show2CD
16/12/76TokyoThe End of RisingDarker Than Blue 041/04236th Anniversary Edition Sticker #016 and Ticket and Program Replica. Evening Show2CD
16/12/76TokyoDefinitive Last NightBondage Music BON169/170Evening Show2CD Box
16/12/76TokyoTwo Acts Through the DayGRYPHON 004~63CD
16/12/76TokyoThe Complete Two Acts Through the DayDemon's Eye DE-020~22Evening & Afternoon Shows3CD
16/12/76TokyoRisin'Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-1-1,2Evening Show. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
16/12/76TokyoRisin'Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-1-1,2 (2nd)Evening Show. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
16/12/76TokyoRisin'Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-1-1,2 (3rd)Evening Show. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
16/12/76TokyoRisin' The Bootleg Hall of Fame AnniversaryTarantura TCDRAINBOW-1-1,2 (Fame)Evening Show. Cardboard Sleeve2CD Box
16/12/76TokyoRisin'Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-1-1,2 (4th)Evening Show. Cardboard Sleeve.
1976-2016 OBI anniversary
16/12/76TokyoRisin'Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-1-1,2 (7inch)Evening Show. Cardboard 7" Sleeve.
1976-2016 OBI anniversary
16/12/76TokyoFoojin'Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-0-1,2Afternoon Show2CD Box
16/12/76TokyoFoojin'Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-0-1,2 (2nd)Afternoon Show. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
16/12/76TokyoLive in the AfternoonTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE-9-1,2Afternoon Show. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
16/12/76TokyoThe Closing NightTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE-10-1,2Evening Show. Cardboard Sleeve
1st Landing Japan 1976 BOX 131/200
16/12/76TokyoSoundboard Archives 1976Darker Than Blue 077/0783 Tracks Tokyo, Evening Show; 5 Tracks Osaka 09/12/76; 4 Tracks Osaka 08/12/762CD
16/12/76TokyoBranded to KillRising Arrow-042Sticker #020. Evening Show4CD
16/12/76TokyoRising FallsRising Arrow-046Sticker #172. Evening Show2CD
16/12/76TokyoAn Evening in DecemberCalm & Storm 010Sticker #073. Evening Show2CD
16/12/76TokyoAn Evening in DecemberCalm & Storm 010Reissue with Sticker #083, Ticket replica and Program replica. Evening Show2CD
16/12/76TokyoBudokan 1976 Final NightRising Arrow-055Sticker #098. Evening Show2CD
16/12/76TokyoDefinitive On StageRising Arrow-063Sticker #230. Evening Show2CD
16/12/76TokyoDefinitive On Stage - Remastered EditionRising Arrow-064Sticker #094, Ticket replica and Program replica. Evening Show2CD
16/12/76TokyoTop Dog 762CD
16/12/76TokyoA Classic By DefinitionEvening Show2CD-R
16/12/76TokyoDefinitive On Stage 2021 RemasterRising Arrow-068Sticker #139. Evening Show2CD
25/09/77StockholmLong Live TriumvirateDemon's Eye DE-012-132CD
26/09/77GothenburgSecond Night on Stage TourSmooth Dancer SD-90162CD
26/09/77GothenburgScandinavian ScampsCastle of Doragon file 0032CD-R
27/09/77OsloCatch the RainbowArtifact ACD 743 5B2CD
27/09/77OsloOslo 1977Rising Arrow-0032CD
27/09/77OsloOslo 1977Rising Arrow-003Reissue with Sticker. Limited Edition #2122CD
04/10/77Den HaagKill the King2CD
04/10/77Den HaagHun'ger NightPlatinum & Gold PG-7710042CD-R
04/10/77Den HaagThe Hague 1977Rising Arrow-0302CD
04/10/77Den HaagDen Haag 1977Rising Arrow-049Sticker #0432CD
11/10/77LudwigshafenDon't you Crash?Tarot Records TRCD77022CD-R
11/10/77LudwigshafenLudwigshafen 1977Lost and Found LAF1498/14992CD-R
15/10/77BerlinBerlin 1977Lost and Found LAF1919/19202CD-R
18/10/77ViennaKicksHeritage 016/172CD
18/10/77ViennaVienna Accident2CD-R
20/10/77MunichCatch the RainbowMetal Memory Records MM 90022-2Bonus Tracks from Donington 08/16/802CD
20/10/77MunichStill I'm Sad2CD
20/10/77MunichOver the OlympiaGAEA7762CD-R
20/10/77MunichKill the KingLangley-2232CD
20/10/77MunichKill the KingLangley-223Reissue with "Ultimate Series" Sticker and DVD:
Munich 1977 Definitive Edition
20/10/77MunichMunich 1977Sticker #038Original Japanese BroadcastDVD
27/10/77ParisParisian NightBondage Music BON028/0292CD
27/10/77ParisOutrageous Night2CD-R
27/10/77ParisGuillotineRising Arrow-045Sticker #0734CD+DVD
31/10/77NewcastleSee You Tomorrow!Smooth Dancer SD-00672CD
31/10/77NewcastleThe Night PeopleTarantura TCDRAINBOW-40-1,2Cardboard Sleeve with OBI. #34 / 502CD
01/11/77NewcastleSecond Night in Newcastle2CD
01/11/77NewcastleNewcastle 19772CD-R
04/11/77LiverpoolMark II2CD
04/11/77LiverpoolFavolous Five 1977SHAKUNTALA 103/104OBI Strip2CD
05/11/77LiverpoolThe Night People 1977Castle of Doragon file 0072CD-R
05/11/77LiverpoolBanned the BandSmooth Dancer SD-00722CD-R
14/11/77LondonRainbow 1977Rising Arrow-0202CD
14/11/77LondonRainbow 1977Rising Arrow-020Reissue with Sticker #0092CD
18/11/77StaffordLong Live Rock and Roll2CD
18/11/77StaffordDefinitive StaffordRising Arrow-0222CD
11/01/78NagoyaBrain Slowly DiesIndependence RA-78111-1/2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
11/01/78NagoyaLong Live Three KingsBS13038/0392CD
11/01/78NagoyaTriumphant ReturnRising Arrow-0152CD
11/01/78NagoyaFull MoonCrystal Sound CS-232CD
11/01/78NagoyaCaptain Amazing & Mr. CornflakesTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-01-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
11/01/78NagoyaCaptain Amazing & Mr. CornflakesTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-01-1,2 (2nd)Cardboard Sleeve2CD
11/01/78NagoyaBack to FrontCalm & Storm 020Sticker #0672CD
11/01/78NagoyaNagoya 1978Rising Arrow-060Sticker #0572CD
12/01/78HiroshimaThe Ship from HiroshimaAURORA RECORDS AURORA-2Digipack2CD
12/01/78HiroshimaSwan LakeTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-02-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
12/01/78HiroshimaHiroshima 1978 Front Row2CD-R
12/01/78HiroshimaHiroshima 1978Rising Arrow-062Sticker #0712CD
12/01/78HiroshimaGreat Hiroshima AccentBoleskine House Records BHRCD-16-1,22CD
14/01/78FukuokaSadistic RainbowGAEA692CD
16/01/78OsakaI See a Glow2CD
16/01/78OsakaIn the Hall of the Mountain KingTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-5-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
17/01/78OsakaStarstruck - On Tour 1978R70911/22CD
17/01/78OsakaStarstruck - On Tour 1978 RemasteredOMR-781172CD
17/01/78OsakaSucubus '78Wyvern WLG-121R3/42CD
17/01/78OsakaSteel BreezeRising Arrow-0264CD
17/01/78OsakaAn die FreudeTarantura TCDRAINBOW-7-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
17/01/78OsakaEast on the Winter 1978pro555cd2CD-R
17/01/78OsakaOsaka 1978 2nd NightRising Arrow-054Sticker #0862CD
17/01/78OsakaListen To This, Mr PeachTarantura TCDRAINBOW-41-1,2 #86/150Cardboard Sleeve2CD
18/01/78KyotoDark and Light2CD
18/01/78KyotoRitchie Is Blue BellTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-07-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
20/01/78OsakaLong Live RainbowWyvern Legend WV00252CD
20/01/78OsakaElectric WarriorLANGLEY-0802CD
20/01/78OsakaOh, Darlin'BS13036/0372CD-R
20/01/78OsakaWalk on the RainbowIndependence RA-78120-1/2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
20/01/78OsakaBlack and BlueRising Arrow-0214CD
20/01/78OsakaDefinitive Osaka 1978 Final NightRising Arrow-065Sticker #0374CD
20/01/78OsakaThe Definitive Osaka 1978 Final NightLeftfield Media LFM2CD6582CD
21/01/78TokyoChaos at Concert2CD
21/01/78TokyoThe King's ReturnRising Arrow-0044CD
21/01/78TokyoThe King's ReturnRising Arrow-004S2CD
21/01/78TokyoTriumph & TragedyRising Arrow-014Also contains Tokyo 22/01/78 - 03/02/786CD
21/01/78TokyoTriumph & TragedyRising Arrow-014Also contains Tokyo 22/01/78 - 03/02/78. Reissue with Sticker #005 and Program Replica6CD
21/01/78TokyoUnrepaired VersionRising Arrow-014 BonusCD-R
21/01/78TokyoGiboshiTarantura TCDRAINBOW-4,5,6Also contains Tokyo 22/01/78 - 03/02/786CD Box
21/01/78TokyoHeavy RockRising Arrow-041Sticker #032CD
21/01/78TokyoFurious SpeedRising Arrow-051Sticker #063. Bonus Unreleased Masters Bonus 4CD-R2CD
21/01/78TokyoSign of IncidentTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-09-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
21/01/78TokyoSign of IncidentTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-09-1,2 (2nd) Feb, 2021Cardboard Sleeve2CD
22/01/78TokyoPerfect on Stage2CD
22/01/78TokyoDynamoRising Arrow-0052CD
22/01/78TokyoDefinitive DynamoRising Arrow-0314CD
22/01/78TokyoCozy Powell ShowTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-10-1,2 December 2012Cardboard Sleeve2CD
22/01/78TokyoCozy Powell ShowTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-10-1,2 (2nd) April 2015Cardboard Sleeve2CD
22/01/78TokyoCozy Powell ShowTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-10-1,2 (2nd) Feb. 2017Cardboard Sleeve2CD
22/01/78TokyoDefinitive Budokan 1978 2nd NightRising Arrow-056Sticker #0882CD
24/01/78FukushimaShort But Hard And HeavyTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-11-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
24/01/78FukushimaShort But Hard And HeavyTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-11-1,2(2nd) Feb. 2021Cardboard Sleeve2CD
27/01/78SapporoMisconductGood Believe GB-004/52CD
27/01/78SapporoCold WinterRising Arrow-017Bonus "Night People" 2CD-R4CD
27/01/78SapporoAn Act of God2CD
27/01/78SapporoFreezing BlowRising Arrow-050Sticker #064. Bonus DVD-R6CD
31/01/78NiigataAfter Four Days2CD
31/01/78NiigataThird Stone from the SunTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-14-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
31/01/78NiigataThird Stone from the SunTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-14-1,2 (2nd)Cardboard Sleeve2CD
03/02/78TokyoAnother Last Day2CD
03/02/78TokyoThe Last DayPandora 003/42 Bonus Tracks from Fukuoka 14/01/78. Cardboard Sleeve2CD
03/02/78TokyoStill I'm SadRising Arrow-0082nd CD from Tokyo 12/02/764CD
03/02/78TokyoStill I'm SadRising Arrow-0082nd CD from Tokyo 12/02/76. Reissue with Sticker #004 and Program Replica4CD
03/02/78TokyoStill I'm SadRising Arrow-008S2CD
03/02/78TokyoEpilogueRising Arrow-047Sticker #1472CD
03/02/78TokyoEpilogueRising Arrow-047Reissue with Program Replica2CD
03/02/78TokyoWho has seen the RainbowTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-16-1,2Cardboard Sleeve2CD
03/02/78TokyoWho has seen the RainbowTarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-16-1,2 (2nd) Feb. 2021Cardboard Sleeve2CD
03/02/78TokyoDefinitely OverCalm and Storm-029Sticker #056, Ticket and Flyer Replica. "In Japan" DVD Documentary2CD+DVD
03/02/78TokyoBudokan 1978 Final NightRising Arrow-053Sticker #1602CD
21/05/78FresnoL.A. ConnectionBondage Music BON338/339Extras from Louisville 27/05/782CD
21/05/78FresnoDefinitive L.A. ConnectionExtras from Louisville 27/05/782CD-R
21/05/78FresnoCA Connection - Fresno Rock 'n' Roll Archives Vol. 2Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-12Cardboard Sleeve #120/200CD
28/05/78AllentownOver the USALost and Found LAF332/333Extra from Chicago 02/07/782CD-R
28/05/78AllentownScreaming Through the AirCD-R
08/06/78AtlantaKill the KingAnaconda 025CD
23/06/78AtlantaI'm Losing ControlMagnitude Records MAG-910102Clear Blue BacksleeveCD
23/06/78AtlantaI'm Losing ControlMagnitude Records MAG-910102Dark Blue BacksleeveCD
23/06/78AtlantaI'm Losing ControlMagnitude Records MAG-9501102RCD
23/06/78AtlantaHit the RainbowRTW 2112 Bonus Tracks from Don Kirschner Show 1978CD
23/06/78AtlantaThe Third EyeDGCD 051Bonus Tracks from Chicago 12/12/79 & 1980CD
23/06/78AtlantaTear Him DownCD
24/06/78AtlantaDefinitive AtlantaCD-R
26/06/78NashvilleNashville 1978Lost and Found LAF 313CD-R
02/07/78ChicagoShort Time GigGYPSY EYE 058CD
02/07/78ChicagoFirecrackerRising Arrow-018CD
02/07/78ChicagoFirecrackerRising Arrow-018Reissue with Sticker #016CD
02/07/78ChicagoFirecrackerRising Arrow-018Reissue with Different Artwork and Sticker #0xxCD
02/07/78ChicagoDefinitive ChicagoRising Arrow-059Sticker #067. CD-R Definitive AtlantaCD